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08:22PM | 05/30/05
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I have just finished making a drum reel for a 100 ft garden hose. At present the drum is wound and unwound with a manual crack. I want to attach an ac electric motor to do the winding and unwinding. Which motor shoudl I use and where can I get it. Thanks


01:30AM | 05/31/05
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First you need to figure how fast you need to turn it. Start by measuring the speed that you turn the crank and how faster you can have the handle turn if it was powered.

My guess is about 30 - 300 rpm.

The next thing is to determine the torque required to turn the handle. That is the force on the handle times the lenght of the handle.

You also want to compute the horse power required from the rpm and torque. Some gearhead motors will be speced in torque and others in HP.

Basic AC motors are available in 3450 and 1750 rpm versions.

If you can stand the higher rpm (300) then you can use a 1750 rpm motor and use a belt and pulleys to get the 6 to 1 reduction.

If it is the lower speed that is too much reduction to get in on step with belts and pulleys. You will either need to use a jackshaft and make it a too stage reduction or use a gearhead motor.

In either case you will need a REVERSIBLE motor. Most motors are not reversible.

Graingers has the both regular motors and gearhead motors. They also have separate gear box.

But expect to pay $250 to $600.

A google on - SURPLUS AC GEARHEAD MOTORS found a number of sources. Here are a couple.;jsessionid=5C942D1E248B1918D7A8F16DFD3C7947?category_id=2060&czuid=1117538895977

However, most of those don't appear to have much torque, but I have no idea how much torque you need.

Now I think that typical washing machine motors or 1750 rpm, but some have are multiple speed (1140 rpm). And I think that they are reversible.

If this is true then they are a good option. Cheap and with the lower RPM they don't require as much reduction in the belt and pulleys.


01:31AM | 06/01/05
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Thanks for the help and advise. 250 to 600 Dollars might be a little toomuch . I do have an old washing machine and had first thought of using its motor . I think I will give it a go by wiring it so that it runs at an approproate speed for the hose reel -approximately the speed of the first cycle of the washing machine when it mixes the detergent. Thanks again


09:40AM | 06/01/05
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For about $150 you can buy a manufactured garden hose reel that retracts the hose using the water pressure. Some units will store 150 feet of hose. I found one through google at


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