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11:16AM | 07/12/05
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We recently bought a new range which after plugging in, caused the circuit to break. The delivery person (not an electrician) stated we have a 40 amp circuit and the range requires a 50 amp circuit. In reviewing the installation manual, I disagree with this and am looking for assistance with which is correct. The "Range Connection Opening Size Chart" within the installation manual states a KW range of 8.8-16.5 KW on a 240 volt box can use a 40/50 Amp. The serial plate on the range states it uses 16.0 kw. Since the 16.0 on the range is within the range above, shouldn't the 40 amp circuit be sufficient? If anyone can assist, I would greatly appreciate. If more information is needed, let me know.


03:47PM | 07/12/05
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Watt's Law states volts times amps = Watts

so--> watt's divided by volts = Amps

16KW (16,000 Watts) / 240 volts = 66.67 Amps

The probability your range is "using" that much power is unlikely. Now the National Electric Code allows us to use the figure 12KW for a range. 12KW /240Volt = 50 Amp. Your circuit is 40 Amps. Using the same equation 40 Amps x 240 volts = 9600 Watts.

40 Amps is too small.

This is what I would do:

Call an electrician, have him/her take an Amp reading for your range. Install the 50 or even 60 Amp circuit if needed. Make sure the range has a 4 wire cord, and plug.


03:55PM | 07/12/05
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The 16Kw is likely if all burners are on at the same time. Does it pop the breaeker with only one burner or are you trying to run every burner and the oven?


07:12PM | 07/12/05
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Thanks to both of you for the prompt response. The circuit broke after it was plugged in and as the oven door was opened. Nothing else was turned on. I doubt that the light inside the oven required enough power to throw the circuit. I imagine the rating on the stove is that high due to the double oven as well as two extra large heating elements that it contains, so if all this was on the 40 amp circuit wouldn't be able to handle it. What scared us was the fact that it popped so soon after being plugged in as well as the slight burning smell.

Since I posted earlier, we decided to return the stove since the store was giving us trouble about getting someone out to check it out after the burning smell. We picked out a different model and verified with the manufacturer that it would run sufficiently on the 40 amp. This is one more thing to check prior to building a new home. Again, thank for your assistance. I've learned a lot from what was hopefully going to be a simple purchase.

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