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12:44PM | 12/28/05
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I have half electricity in my house. I tried changing all the fuses and even a breaker that i thought was causing it. Half the kitchen does not work the light does not turn on. The bathroom light does not turn on. Half electrical outlets don't work through the entire house are not working. Can anybody tell me what might be going on? Thank you!


01:40PM | 12/28/05
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It sounds like half of your SE (service entrance) power is bad. That is the power from the electrical pole to you house. It is kaput. Call the POCO(power company) and have them check to service to the meter.

Let us know how it works out.


02:23PM | 12/28/05
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ok thank you i will do that. i will let you know how it works out.

doug seibert

12:41AM | 12/29/05
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You did mention fuses.......

A fuse box is protectected by 2 Main Cartridge Fuses located in a pull-out in the panel.....Replacing these "cigar-shaped" fuses may solve your problem.......

A simple inexpensive Non-contact voltage tester will SAFELY determine where the power exists and where it stops......


01:55PM | 12/29/05
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The electric company came out today. They said that there is perfect voltage go from outside the house to inside the house. He said the stove range circuit maybe bad. But there is full juice coming from it. I tested it with the voltage tester. I also replaced the cigar shaped fuses. I don't understand where else it can be or what i can do. Anyone have any ideas?

doug seibert

04:21AM | 12/30/05
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Electricity is can't see it.......BE CAREFUL

The little tester will tell you when you have POWER "nearby" a good "Safety" indicator but it doesn't tell "how much" or "exactly where"......

Dryer/range fuses will be in similar pull-outs or open cartridge holders.......pull the main and TEST for current before attemping to pull old stuck open fuses.....

......additional fuse boxes may "hide" in closets and attics/basements.......

Understanding "what" is shut OFF will help to troubleshoot "where" is the missing source....

Broken wires/connections are a posssibility......not impossible to DIY......but can you????......Tell us more....


11:00AM | 01/07/06
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I suspect you have some bad wires in your main power panel. The screw terminals come loose over time and can cause breaks. To check this is DANGEROUS if you don't know what you're doing. Suggest it's time for a professional electrician to check out your box. good luck


04:14AM | 01/18/06
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I had the exact same problem with my house last week. I called an electrician ($85) only to find out that one of the electrical lines behind my fuse box was dead. I called up TXU and they had to fix the electrical line at the curb.


08:01PM | 01/18/06
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Please don’t take this as an insult…I do not mean any disrespect in any way. But based on your responses I will venture to guess you are pretty much at the end of your rope when it comes to electrical knowledge. If I am wrong, I apologize, but either way please read on.

Based on the situation you have described, you either have a hidden electrical panel somewhere that has one or more tripped or blown circuits, or your main panel has a serious problem of some type. Actually, if HALF of your home’s electrical service is suddenly out of service, you have a serious problem no matter what or where it is.

Even if we were able to walk you through a series of investigative maneuvers that resulted in a determination of the problem, the resolution of that problem would almost surely require a professional electrician. I think it is better, then, to simply hire one now and let him find the problem and fix it. Electricity is wonderful in the right hands, and deadly in the wrong. I would hate to see you get hurt…or worse.


10:50PM | 06/22/14
had a similar problem with no power to 3 of the 6 circuits in one of my fuse panels one off which supplied power to my water pump. after the fuses testing good and before checking the internet since it was eleven o'clock and I was more concerned about making sure I had drinking water so I was going to make s troop to the local spring - my sister in law had a friend who's husband was an electrician and luckily enough he put a pair of pants on and came over. he checked those main fuses and sure enough one was bad. there happened to be one in the basement that had been there since I bought the house over two years ago. he tested it to be good, popped it in and VOILA!! hope this helps somebody out!


07:18PM | 01/05/16
my power flickerd now my stove is not working and my heat/air is not working


01:51PM | 03/27/16
Yep, EXCEL energy came out, tested the furnace and said it was an electrical problem. Also half of the lights and receptacles didn't work either. Checked the outside circuit beaker box and said only hale of the current is coming in. He went to the pole and said one of the lines was broken. He fixed it and everything works, Praise the Lord, Ken


02:18PM | 05/29/17
When I test the new electrical plugs, they are showing some power but will not work. It looks as though the tester light is 1/2 as bright


05:01AM | 05/30/17
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In my opinion, you should contact the professional electrician to check the actual cause of half electricity in the house.


12:48AM | 05/31/17
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Thank you! very useful information!


12:19PM | 06/26/18
I had this problem and it turned out to be one leg of the wire from the pole bad. Thanks for posting guys !


10:47PM | 07/07/19
I called PSE&G and the one leg of entrance cable was corroded and service technician installed new connector.


05:35PM | 03/16/21
I don’t understand half of my kitchen room is out and the circuit breakers are on . I try to shut the breaker off and then turn on and still no power??? Anybody??


10:09PM | 04/27/22
I have power in half my house but the electric meter led screen is black

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