09:14AM | 02/23/07
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Can anyone tell me what type of surge protector is recommended for behind a refrigerator? Is there a type that's an actual outlet that can take the place of the original outlet? Thanks.


02:48PM | 02/23/07
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Why do you want to get a surge protector for a refigerator?

A refigerator is not a particulary sensity piece of equipment.

If you are that concerned I would suggest that you get a whole house unit that will also protect TV, micro waves, etc.

Here are a couple of examples.


02:05AM | 02/27/07
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I agree completely with BillHart. The recommended surge protector for a refrigerator is NONE.

A refrigerator is basically just a compressor motor, and electric motors are not delicate. In fact, about the only thing in your house more impervious to surges or drops are the burners in an electric stove or electric baseboard heaters.

Consider surge protectors for computers, TV's, stereo equipment, and similar electronic gear. But don't worry about your refrigerator.

Tom O

04:51AM | 02/27/07
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I'm in agreement with the previous posts. Refrigerators are a source of surges and unlesss you have some typr of fridge with electronics in it, I'd not bother doing anything.

Invest in a surge arrester for your service and install point of use transient voltage surge suprressors ay the locations suggested by Tim.


11:46PM | 08/17/07
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You MAY need a surge protector for your fridge. Some, such as a sub-zero fridge, come with motherboards. So it is not safe to say that there is no need for a surge proctector for a fridge. As more and more devices (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher) contain more delicate and complicated electronics it is best to double check before plugging in your expensive appliance.


03:30PM | 12/19/07
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I have had 2 refrigerators go out within a week apart from each other. One in kitchen and one in garage. It cost 200.00 to get someone in here to fix and then the cost of the repair for the first one. We are having a new refrigerator delivered and I want to know what kind of surge protector I should get for it. This one will replace the one in the garage.

Tom O

11:01AM | 12/24/07
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If you really need a surge protector, the I will reccommend my personal favorite which is a Hubbel #HBL5262IS which is equipped with an audible alarm to let you know when it has quit working.You will probably need to purchase this at an electrical supply house.

As outlined in other posts above, you should also invest in a whole house protector. These are very robust and will handle surges that would destroy the point of use protection.


08:51AM | 01/17/09
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What do you recommend for a surge protector for a GE Refrigerator/freezer that has electronic board? GE rep recommended one when he came to fix, but didn't give a brand name.


03:05PM | 07/11/09
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Lightning storm took out my fridge. Toasted the motor and who knows what else? I am definitely not plugging in my next fridge without one!


05:37PM | 09/11/09
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This is the second time I've had to replace a board from lightening on a refrig.

I was originally told that I couldn't use a surge protector on a refrigerator due to the pull of amps for defrosting. It would be always kicking out.

This second time the serviceman said he knows there is a surge protector available for this type of use but he couldn't remember the name brand.

So is there a surge protector that will work closely enough to protect the board on a refrigerator but still allow for the amp surge when in defrost.


03:53AM | 09/12/09
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put it on a surge will work good.

what you don't want it on is called a gfi.


03:55AM | 09/12/09
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there is such a thing as a "whole house surge protector."

i don't know how rich you are though.


05:35AM | 09/15/09
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3 yrs old GE frigerator stopped working. Technician replaced motherboard and suggested to use a surge protector. I don't know what power range (watts or joule) I should buy.


05:39AM | 09/15/09
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My both frigerator stopped working. GE replaced motherboard. I unplugged the other one. But the funny thing is that after a while I plugged it back, it started working again !? This Sanyo small frigerator.


03:44PM | 04/05/13
You could try a "Sola CVR-1000" or a "Sola CVR-2500" depending on the power requirements, this are power regulators for AC Motors...


10:40AM | 05/18/13
Interesting how refrigerators have chnaged since these posts, 2007. Now 2013, leading OEM's include leading electronics manufacturers, Samsung, LG, etc. Today they are laden with electronics, motherboards, digital displays in the door, LED's, etc. all subject to surge damage, especially in those regions that experience weather with lightning/energy surges.

Believe that this topic deserves an effective and direct answer


08:08PM | 06/08/13

All surge protectors connected to a socket will still let threw voltage up to 330 volts or even more depending on the specifications of the surge power bar. Anything connected to a surge protector still uses 250%+ of the power requirement when there`s power surges.

Appliances and electronics not connected to a surge protector have no protection against any surges.

New technology high quality whole house surge suppressors can now clamp voltage at 130 volts. Improving life expectancy by up to 32% of all electronics including appliances, electronics with microprocessors and anything with a motor.

Research and detailed information about power surges, surge protectors and lightning strikes can be found on this page:

According to industry standards, power line surges inside a building can be up to 6,000 volts, and 3,000 amperes, and deliver up to 90 joules of energy. Including surges from external sources.

Any surge protector offering protection over those specifications is extra for nothing, a gimmick.

Typically destructive surges are hundreds of thousands of joules. Lightning and other high-energy transient voltage surges can only be suppressed with a whole house surge protector.

Surge protectors can offer no protection against indirect or direct lightning and other high-energy transient voltage surges.


05:38PM | 07/03/13
can a refrigerator protector be used with any other appliance?


04:11PM | 08/16/13
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Last week the circuit board in the fridge burned out due to electric fluctuation. That made me look for surge protector and many consider it not at all necessary. But the technician who came from GE recommended a protector. Still I can't find one.


07:43AM | 08/26/13
Be warned, the type of protector you need for a refrigerator or window A/C units is not for the motor but for the compressor. What damages a refrigerator or window A/C is not so much surges but the times when the electrical service "blinks" or goes off for just a very short time and then back on. The compressors are then re-starting under load and this will do expensive damage.
Both Tripp Lite and Belkin, probably many other manufacturers also, have these in 120V and 240V single outlet devices made exactly for these applications. They have a 3 minute delay before the power is restored, giving the compressors time to pressure equalize. They also will sense and perform the same for a brown out or high voltage surge..keeping the appliance disconnected until the line current is restored to normal.


02:48AM | 10/23/13
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My Maytag, model MFD2561HEQ, has both a "motherboard" and also a device called an "overload relay". Problems have been numerous i.e., both of the above devices, and the ice maker, have been toasted due to our frequent lighting storms here on Viliano Beach, Fl.

Unless someone else has a better product that they've used and can recommend, I'm going to order the Hubbel 5262IS surge protector.

Note: Thankfully, I ordered a 12 month service plan that has covered labor and replacement parts.

Also, if you live where there are similar weather conditions then I highly recommend a surge protector for you electronic devices.

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