09:14AM | 02/23/07
Member Since: 09/01/04
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Can anyone tell me what type of surge protector is recommended for behind a refrigerator? Is there a type that's an actual outlet that can take the place of the original outlet? Thanks.


02:48PM | 02/23/07
Member Since: 04/25/05
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Why do you want to get a surge protector for a refigerator?

A refigerator is not a particulary sensity piece of equipment.

If you are that concerned I would suggest that you get a whole house unit that will also protect TV, micro waves, etc.

Here are a couple of examples.


02:05AM | 02/27/07
Member Since: 01/09/07
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I agree completely with BillHart. The recommended surge protector for a refrigerator is NONE.

A refrigerator is basically just a compressor motor, and electric motors are not delicate. In fact, about the only thing in your house more impervious to surges or drops are the burners in an electric stove or electric baseboard heaters.

Consider surge protectors for computers, TV's, stereo equipment, and similar electronic gear. But don't worry about your refrigerator.

Tom O

04:51AM | 02/27/07
Member Since: 09/17/02
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I'm in agreement with the previous posts. Refrigerators are a source of surges and unlesss you have some typr of fridge with electronics in it, I'd not bother doing anything.

Invest in a surge arrester for your service and install point of use transient voltage surge suprressors ay the locations suggested by Tim.


11:46PM | 08/17/07
Member Since: 08/17/07
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You MAY need a surge protector for your fridge. Some, such as a sub-zero fridge, come with motherboards. So it is not safe to say that there is no need for a surge proctector for a fridge. As more and more devices (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher) contain more delicate and complicated electronics it is best to double check before plugging in your expensive appliance.


03:30PM | 12/19/07
Member Since: 12/18/07
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I have had 2 refrigerators go out within a week apart from each other. One in kitchen and one in garage. It cost 200.00 to get someone in here to fix and then the cost of the repair for the first one. We are having a new refrigerator delivered and I want to know what kind of surge protector I should get for it. This one will replace the one in the garage.

Tom O

11:01AM | 12/24/07
Member Since: 09/17/02
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If you really need a surge protector, the I will reccommend my personal favorite which is a Hubbel #HBL5262IS which is equipped with an audible alarm to let you know when it has quit working.You will probably need to purchase this at an electrical supply house.

As outlined in other posts above, you should also invest in a whole house protector. These are very robust and will handle surges that would destroy the point of use protection.


08:51AM | 01/17/09
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What do you recommend for a surge protector for a GE Refrigerator/freezer that has electronic board? GE rep recommended one when he came to fix, but didn't give a brand name.


03:05PM | 07/11/09
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Lightning storm took out my fridge. Toasted the motor and who knows what else? I am definitely not plugging in my next fridge without one!


05:37PM | 09/11/09
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This is the second time I've had to replace a board from lightening on a refrig.

I was originally told that I couldn't use a surge protector on a refrigerator due to the pull of amps for defrosting. It would be always kicking out.

This second time the serviceman said he knows there is a surge protector available for this type of use but he couldn't remember the name brand.

So is there a surge protector that will work closely enough to protect the board on a refrigerator but still allow for the amp surge when in defrost.
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