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05:32AM | 05/14/07
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I have installed a 20 amp double pole breaker using 12/3 wire in alternating series in my kitchen. I am trying to install GFCI protection to both sets of receptacles, but I am having a problem where any outlet that is off series of the first GFCI trips the GFCI only when something is plugged in (tester works fine) (example: GFCI set to black wire, all red wire outlets trip the GFCI when used) I have tried installing a second GFCI in the alternate series with no luck. I know it has something to do with the shared neutral, but I am not sure how to correct the problem so that I have GFCI protection on all outlets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also let me know if I need to clarify any points


07:55AM | 05/14/07
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At the first GFCI receptacle you will have 12/3 in, 12/2 out to the next GFCI (other circuit) and 12/2 out to the first protected receptacle on circuit one. Connect the black from the 12/3 to the line hot side of the GFCI and a short piece (6 in) of white wire to the line neutral side of the GFCI. Connect the white wire of the 12/2 going out to the next GFCI (other circuit) to the white from the 12/3 AND to the short pigtail. Connect the black of the 12/2 to the red from the 12/3.

For the 12/2 going to the protected recptacles on circuit 1, connect the black to the load hot and the white to the load neutral.


06:14PM | 05/14/07
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One is to "split" the circuit at the first box and go to 12-2 as was mentioned.

The 2nd way is to use a 2 pole GFCI breaker.

The last way is to install a GFCI receptacle at each location and not use it to feed downstream.


07:05AM | 05/16/07
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You can not share the neutral on the LOAD side of the GFCI. You must either use a double pole GFCI breaker or separate the circuit at the first receptacle LINE side into two circuits each using there own neutral.


03:25PM | 12/10/21
Can you explain how to wire two gfci receptacles what get feed from a two pole ARC fault breaker with common neutral to a single outlet for disposal and diswasher?
Thank you

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