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03:54AM | 10/31/02
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We recently had vinyl siding installed. Our roof line in not level. In a 25' span it is off 2 inches. Our contractor originally installed the siding to follow our roof line but it looked unlevel. So he reinstalled the siding and put it level. When he reached the roof line he cut the siding to fit up against the roof line which caused the last row of siding to be uneven from one end to the other. This makes it look unlevel at the very top. What is the proper way to install siding in the case? Is there something else we could have done? Thanks for your help.

Jay J

04:06PM | 11/07/02
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Hi cwaller,

The install begins at the ribbon board, just above the foundation. It should be straight and level from there. IF the house looks 'crooked' by the time the vinyl gets to the roofline, either the vinyl is not level OR the house is crooked.

You didn't say if the 'problem' is on the side of the house or on the front. If it's on the side, it's probably not too bad since no one is really 'looking' up there. HOWEVER, if it's on the curb-side, then EVERYONE will see it.

If it's on the curb side, and w/o knowing why the vinyl is crooked, I can't say what you should do. For starter, I'd leave the vinyl straight. If you install it to 'match' the roofline, the house will DEFINITELY look crooked! And later, when and if you ever decide to replace your roofing shingles, perhaps you can talk to the Roofing Contractor about your options.

Other than that, I don't know what else to say. My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!


06:42PM | 11/17/02
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the siding should be parallel with the roof line...if its looks crooked do some landscaping applicator did it right the first time


03:08AM | 11/20/02
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I found out the ribbon board is not level either. The problem is on the front of the house. If we put the siding parallel with the roof line, wouldn't this affect how the windows and downspouts look? It seems they would look crooked. Landscaping can't fix them. Since our house is crooked on top and bottom, is it best to install the siding level? Thanks for your help.


01:53PM | 11/20/02
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I am surprised that the siding applicator did not notice or say anything about the windows being non parallel to the roofline. When the old cladding was removed, there should have been access to the window nailing fins, and the straitness should have been corrected at that time.

That is the best idea assuming that you are going to reside anyway.


01:55PM | 11/20/02
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Sorry I did not realize that the windows were not parallel to the roofline. There were a couple different ways to take what you had orginally submitted.


03:19PM | 06/01/13
Vinyl siding always looks terrible on houses with crooked roofs or windows. Wood, cement board, or even brick can be spaced out to accommodate the funny angles in old houses, but vinyl will pop its seams if you try to alter its spacing. Probably no good way to fix this, short of new siding.


05:22AM | 06/09/13
Hope this information here might be helpful to you:


03:26PM | 06/23/18
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I have a cedar siding home. The foundation is straight; however the cedar on the back of the house slants with the slope of the ground. I want to install veneer stone but not sure how to with the slanted siding on the back of the house. Can you give me advice please. Thank you.

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