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05:27PM | 09/08/02
Hi! I live up North (Canada) and last summer (August), I stained my wooden deck with Sico brand stain. I followed the instructions on the can, I waited for a whole month without rain before applying it (I did it in the afternoon, starting around 5 O'clock). Now, the stain is peeling off. I went back to the store, and the dealer said it is because I applied it to wet wood. Is one whole month too short, or is the salesman full of ****, trying to blame anything but the product or himself?

The deck was previously stained with the same line of Sico applied one week after a heavy rain, and it lasted 5 years, and I refinished it because I didn't like the color. (I sanded to bare wood with a floor sanding machine as the guy at the paint store recommended). Should I try another brand of stain, or another paint store? Thanks.


01:15AM | 09/09/02
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It sounds as if you need someone to come out and look at your deck and the manufactuer should have a tech rep to do this.


03:44PM | 09/09/02
I lost confidence in this "sending a rep to my home" since I had problems about 2 years ago with Benjamin Moore AquaPearl paint peeling off after only two months. I had to call five times to the paint store and the company, and finally the so-called technician told me the peeling was due to poor application techniques.

If I call the Sico technician, I am afraid he's gonna say the same thing. I've done many paint jobs in my life, in my home and also for other people (including a painting contractor as a summer job) and I never had any come-back.

Now I would like to know if I did something wrong for my deck or if my peeling problem comes from the paint itself. Thanks.


01:15AM | 09/10/02
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It has been my experience that most of the time when a paint fails it is due to poor surface preperation or improper application. When paint companies make a batch of product it is many thousands of gallons and if there was a problem with the product it would not happen just to one person. You still should get someone from the manufacturer out to look at your deck as that is the best way you can find out what is going on .


08:24PM | 09/13/02
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Especially in a Northern climate, and depending on the product, you often need to stain the wood every year to maintain the finish. We stained our outdoor Redwood furniture every year as a part of Spring cleaning, and ours still looked like new after twenty years, whereas our neighbors' went through many sets in that time. You might just need to reapply it after a year of harsh outdoor weather conditions. Stain is not as long lasting as paint.

Inadequante surface preparation is often to blame for most any paint/staining problems. The wood also can conceivably get wet by other means than rain. However, it sounds like you were careful about the water.

Salespersons are also also full of shyte more often than not: they either do not know or sometimes instinctively blame the problem on the customer without really knowing what went wrong. You also could be talking to one of those newbie salespersons who often talk out of their butts so as to make it look like they know what they are talking about. (They are the most annoying and most dangerous.)

That said, we really can't tell what went wrong without being there with you to see it. You could have sap dripping from a tree that needed to be sanded off, excessive sunshine in that spot, or have any number of problems that we do not know about.


08:36AM | 09/15/02
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A couple of things here:

1. Was this a new deck? New pressure treated lumber needs 3 months or so to completely dry out. One minth isn't long enough. It has little to do with the amount of rainfall and a lot to do with the humidity and amount of sun.

2. It sounds like you used a solid stain, not a semi-transparent stain. True??


05:25PM | 09/16/02
Thanks Lawrence and BobF. I truly agree with you, Lawrence, about what you said about salespersons. The deck is made of pressure-treated spruce, and it had dried in full sun for about 6 months. I applied the stain after the sun went down, after 6 PM, to let it dry overnight instead of letting it "cook" in direct afternoon sunlight. It is in direct sunlight, ie it receives the sun rays from 9AM to about 5:30 PM. Thanks for your answers.


05:29PM | 09/16/02
Oh! I forgot, it was indeed a solid stain, kind of a light caramel in color (base #2 from the manufacturer), if that can help you pinpoint the problem. Thank you very much!


01:08AM | 09/17/02
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Was the solid stain you used an oil or latex/acrylic ?


04:14PM | 09/17/02
It was an oil-based stain, Sico 415 Deck Stain. I applied it with a good quality 3-inch brush (I paid 25$ for the brush) and I stirred the stain once in a while to keep the color and quality of the paint consistent. Thanks.

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