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04:33PM | 09/04/03
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I'm having a new home built... I had contracted for a smooth wall finish on the interiors, but the contractor goofed and applied the default choice of a rough/sand filled primer finish.

I'm looking for suggestions...

1) Make the builder rip it all out and redo the vapor barrier and drywall? Is this gonna chew up the studs?

2) Have them leave it alone... live with it, and then how much should I ask for off the house price? (2100 sq ft ranch)

Is it truely a pain to clean & dust these type of walls? Is painting this type of "sand" finish a royal pain too?

3) Their first offer is to sand the walls (but not the ceilings), and apply a smooth skim coat... Will the skim coat stick to the partially sanded / painted walls, or is it gonna flake off in a few years?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

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04:59PM | 09/04/03
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Well usually people pay more for having this (though you wanted flat walls) now you have alot more you can do with such as sponge painting it or rag rolling with this kind of texture it looks really great.
As far as repainting this it isn't hard at all depending if you are talking now or later down the road.
To repaint yourself get a half inch or three quarter inch nap and roll it.
If this contractor knows what he's doing skim coating isnt a problem,or maybe skimcoat some rooms and leave others like they are giving yourself some variation.
You can't or I should say expect money off your house unless the contractor is fine with that but all he will take off is the cost of what it would be to redo this,in my experience and I paint with alot of contractors.
It is your house and have to live their,so some questions to ask yourself,is it that bad that you really don't like it? (overseeing you are prolly still upset that it is wrong)look at it like it was just a house you walked into.Taking your mind off being upset with the guy will give you a better perspective.
Well whatever you decide just remeber it is your house and have to live with it.
Good luck.


05:18PM | 09/04/03
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Question here:
1. Were you there while the work was going on?????????????????????


01:35AM | 09/05/03
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It is your house and if you contracted to have smooth walls that is what you should have and they should skim all the walls and the ceilings if that is what you want. It has been my experience that most builders will do the least amount that they have to do. You are spending alot of money on this house and you should not be unhappy with the way it looks as most likely you be their for awhile.

You should not have a problem down the road with the skim coat flaking off.

Good luck on this and stand your ground with this builder.


03:58AM | 09/05/03
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I totally agree #5 but let's just hope he Contractor,builder)can or does hire someone who can truly do a great job otherwise this person is just going to run into more trouble.
Well hopefully you have something under your belt as a leverage such as still owing the builder a % of the final payment.Their are alot of if'y builders.
Most that I have done work for are great to deal with so wish you the best of luck.


10:09AM | 09/05/03
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Thanks for the replys everyone...
I've talked to my expeditor and demanded that they smooth everything. That's what the contract is written for... that's what I expect done. The expeditor said he'd let his office know my wishes, and that they're going to let me know... although he sounded like he expected my request and that they'll probably agree to it. We'll see.

5slb6... I'm glad to hear the skim coat will stick... I've had other people confirm this too, that it should be a non-issue.

Retisin... Yes... It's written in my contract, and I still have the last 1/3 of the construction draws outstanding, and I think the bank would back me on this one.

This builder has been very good so far, and this is only the second problem I've encountered (albiet a major one)... so if they do right be me on this problem, I'd definately recommend the builder.

Workenstiff... No I wasn't there while they were painting... But I do stop by the site every other day to check the progress, and had discovered this "goof" the same day they finished.
I'm buying a house from a fairly large builder, and expect a some-what professional job. I understand mistakes happen... I just feel it's fair to have it corrected and done right.

Again... thanks all for the quick replies and support. I kinda knew the answer, and just wanted some other views.

Here's a website I had started to track the progress for some friends and family:


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