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03:37AM | 01/29/04
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The project is a bedroom ceiling, approximately 160sq ft. Originally it was white, some sheen to it, so possibly egg shell or semi-gloss, very clean and in good condition. Without priming first, we used a brand new roller and re-painted it with Behr paint, flat finish, custom-mixed for color match by Home Depot. We got excellent coverage with the first coat, so no white showing through at all - but badly streaked showing every single roller pass. The next day, applied a second coat in the opposite direction from the first. Still streaked. The next day, applied a THIRD coat, again opposite direction, same results. Now a total of nearly two gallons applied. Took the paint back to Home Depot - they said it had been mixed wrong, too much titanium white. They suggested a pre-mixed Behr paint close to the color we wanted - gave it to us gratis. Bought another new roller to applyl with. After a nice, fairly heavy coat with the new paint, we got excellent coverage, but still streaking! We now have nearly three gallons of paint on this ceiling - what's causing the streaking? Since we now have a heavy coat of the new paint as a base coat will priming make any difference at this point? Home Depot said we should not need to prime over the previous, bad paint. On the Behr website, I read that priming is for "adhesion and durability" or to cover un-coated, oil-based or stained areas. None of these applied. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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08:59AM | 01/29/04
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How are you rolling it on?
Also you need to every so often the ends of the roller pres on each end while rolling to get built up paint off the ends this will cause streaking then the excess paint that comes off you just roll it in.The ends are tappered on rollers and do not really touch much of the surface.
Streaking isnt from you not priming that would be called bleeding thru if the other color is coming thru.
They do make longer rollers (18 inchers) this may help you because it is covering twice as much area then the 9".Go to Home Depot and go to a painting class.


02:50PM | 01/29/04
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The first thing you need to do is use a different type of paint. There are some paints that do not work well on a ceiling as they have to much sheen and yes there are different levels of sheens even in flat paints. There are paints that are labeled as ceiling paints that are very flat but they just come in white and are not usually tintable. If you want a color other than white you will need to use something other than the premium line but need to go the midline paint. You should be able to usea 9 inch roller to do this ceiling as that is what i would say 75 percent of painters use and it a big expense for a homeowner to purchase. You also need to make sure you have enough paint on the roller so as you are not pushing the paint out of it as this can cause the lines it sounds like you are getting.
A paint store will be able to help you out with what you need.


04:36PM | 01/29/04
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Were the streaks there originally? If so, they will continue to show through. Try adding some texture to your paint to hide this defect.


01:14PM | 01/30/04
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I just mentioned using a 18" because she has already tried many different times and getting streaks still,so the 18 is a suggestion to cut the streaks to less than half of what they are at now.
Seeing their are already that many coats now you must also think about paint thickness.
Also we only use 9" rollers about 20% of the time it takes way to long with the smaller rollers and time is money;yes the quality is still their with the bigger ones.


01:08PM | 02/02/04
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Purchase a product called Flo-Trol and follow label directions. I assume your using latex? Flo-Trol slows dry time thus eliminating roller-lap marks. Good Luck


12:35PM | 02/09/04
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dont press to hard let the roller do all the work and change directions


03:20PM | 02/12/04
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Using a 9" roller and anything other than Flat paint on a ceiling is a challenge. 18" rollers are worth the small investment for any ceiling - chances are you'll use the frame again down the road. Glidden has excellent Matte ceiling paint for $12 a gallon.


03:44PM | 02/14/04
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Folks........Behr's "flat" wall paints aren't flat! You are likely to see this problem due to thier high angular sheen. Using flat wall paints on ceilings can cause this problem

Try their ceiling paint tinted to the color you want.

Mr. Paint


02:54PM | 02/15/04
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The problem with tinting a ceiling paint is that are usually toned from the factory and you can't acheive certain colors, and especially clean ones. Also they are not a controlled tint base and can very greatly from one bucket to the next and all paint will need to be boxed or mixed togther to insure that you don't end up with 2 colors on your ceiling.


04:18AM | 02/16/04
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5 .........good point! Always good practice to box multiple cans. Behr's ceiling paint is as white as their wall paint - it tints light colors fine.

Mr. Paint


11:38AM | 02/21/04
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I'm a little surprised nobody else pointed this out so far. Essentially, the roller is like a boat cutting through water, and the roller marks are the wake of the roller left behind. The harder you press, the more you squeeze out of the roller and off to the side, and thus the bigger the wake/roller mark. The more paint to push out of the way, the bigger the wake.

One way to eliminate the problem is to use flow-control agents that increase drying time so the paint has more time to level out. But then you still end up with more paint on the wall than you need. All paint manuals and brands advise that two thin coats are better than one thick coat, and this is one of the primary reasons why: it goes on better.

I ALWAYS get roller marks while rolling the paint on from a freshly-charged roller. Then, after the roller runs out of paint, I gently roll back over the parts I just painted with an uncharged, "dryer" roller to collect the extra paint and spread it out more evenly on the finish roll to eliminate the roller marks. The final run is always with a much lighter touch than the first few strokes. Also, make sure every final stroke is in the same direction for a more even sheen.


12:45PM | 10/29/13
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I have always done my own painting. I usually use Pittsburgh Paint, or Dutch Boy. I never encountered streaking until just recently. I purchased Glidden paint with the primer. The only thing I came up with is that it is a much thicker paint. it has a little bit of body to it, so it holds on to it's "shape". You have to be very careful not to leave any thicker paint behind. The Dutch Boy I painted with recently, also with primer (no streaks) is pretty watery looking, but covers beautifully..and no streaks. So I believe that is something that occurs with thicker paints.


06:29PM | 03/02/16
i feel your pain, as I have had the same issues with Behr paint. I have painted many a walll and ceiling and never had this issue. I bought the 2 gallon pail of ceiling paint and had it mixed for polar white and all it did was streak. I am now on coat #4 and have to sand the ceiling and start all over again.


05:20PM | 06/15/16
I just did a ceiling with Behr ceiling paint, when the sunshines through the window there is nothing but streaks, the other ceilings came out good. I was disgusted, didn't press hard, plenty of paint on roller. I still cannot understand how flat paint can leave streaks after 3 coats. I have painted many ceilings successfully. I told the owner I did my best, and not sure what the problem is.


11:39PM | 09/19/17
I use Flo-Trol and it helps a lot with interior and exterior painting. good luck


08:02AM | 06/01/19
Same issue on a big renovation I am doing myself. Demo‘d walls, new flush header, complete rewire if the first floor, new 3/8 blue board and smooth plaster ceiling across the new open area and the Behr paint is ruining the whole remodel. How do I fix this?

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