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07:48AM | 07/11/03
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I have a 40 year old home with aluminum siding on it now. I have had a few people come out and I have heard two stories about what option is better to go with. The insulation will help compensate the loss of insulation I will have when removing the old siding. Another guy tells me that you don't need the insulation just to put on Tyvek and that's all that I need because it will stop any drafts. What option is better or should I have them do both? I would like opinions for both please the pro's and cons.


06:22PM | 07/12/03
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Tyvek is NOT designed as a product for older homes.

Tyvek is designed for new homes ONLY.

That said, adding 1/2 to 1" of foam insulation board over sheathing and under siding will do MUCH MUCH MORE than Tyvek ever can.

Best bang for the buck: NEVER Tyvek... ALWAYS foam board insulation.


06:51PM | 07/15/03
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What insulation?

Tyvek is not an insulation. It is an air barrier. It depends what you are trying to do and you give little information, leaing one to guess.

There is a foam insulation product designed for installing under the vinyl and AL siding, but it is primarily designed to lend support and shape to the siding. It has very little insulation value because it is so thin.

If you are considering adding an inch of solid foam sheathing to the house, it depends where you are in climate. You could do more harm than good to the house by trapping moisture. Tyvek can breathe enough to let that moisture escape.

If you are attempting to prevent wind blowing through the house and control drafting and convection heat loss, Tyvek can help and won't hurt.

richard ricci

11:07AM | 12/08/12
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blackboard/sheithing ,with vinyl sideing , is tyvek, and foam board ok?


01:29PM | 01/08/15
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I have a house about 37 years has R11 with a 1 inch insulation board on it now. I was thinking of putting R13 with a 3/4 inch insulating board prior to putting on my Masonite siding. It has 16 in studs. Would it be wise to do this. I have heard it would be better to go with spray foam insulation and osb and I have heard that is would be good to put R13 the osb. Would is be advisable in any of these circumstances to go ahead and do the house wrap. I live in the South East part of Alabama.


09:57AM | 06/29/16
I'm putting on LP smart siding on my 75 year old house that has r13 insulation in the walls and was going to go with a 1in foam bored and typar wrap over the top. Any suggestions to a diy


04:18PM | 07/13/16
I have a 70 by 14 1993 mobile home. Good shape but wanting to update it. I am wanting to put siding on it. The man I spoke to was only going to use tyvek under the siding. I have a wooden outside right now around this home, not vinyl. We are not rich so I need help deciding what to use to do the job. Please advise. Tell me what to use please.


02:35PM | 08/22/21
You can do both , to be safe use tyvek first and then fanfold and then tyvek on top of that

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