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01:38AM | 07/04/04
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I've decided to paint exterior of house an older house (lap siding) with "hunter green." Within the next few days I must decide on the finish (i.e., semi-gloss or satin). I have used exterior "satin" in past--- no problems; however, I've heard that "semi-gloss" holds-up a bit better-- a review of paint testing results performed by a national known testing outfit, also shows that semi-gloss fairs a bit better in lasting power. The painter that I've hired, tends to favor satin over semi-gloss. He states that semi-gloss tends to show more of the imperfections on an older house (e.g., on the 80+ yr old siding). He also states that when, in a 6 or 7 years, it comes time to apply a new coat of paint over the semi-gloss--- adhesion to the old simi-gloss finish is a bit more difficult. Having made his comments, my painter said: "It's really up to you." I NEED SOME JUDGEMENTS, COMMENTS, HELP on this matter. Any help would be appreciated. Jaes.


07:55AM | 07/04/04
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I agree with your painter and would strongly favor a satin finish over semi-gloss. The reflectance of semi-gloss would make the house "glare" in the sunlight. Every imperfection (paint-chip, knot, seam, siding alignment) would show up like a sore thumb. It is completely out of keeping with an 80 year old structure. Semi-gloss should be reserved for trim and accents. Your painters concern for increased costs to prepare future paining surfaces is valid.

The satin finish will be very durable and will look good, and still requires that the surface have a minimum of surface defects. It will not reflect sunlight to the same degree, but will be a harder looking finish than flat.

My vote would obviously be with satin or flat for the field and semi-gloss for the trim and accents. At least your painter gave his best professional advice. However, as your painter said, "Its really up to you" (to make good use of his professional judgement).


01:20PM | 04/11/18
Help, painting porch floor, what kind of finish is best, I want something that has a cleaner look to it and not so dull,
it is SW7048 Urban Bronze.



12:44PM | 09/19/19
We purchased a park model home and they painted it the wrong color and when repainted they went right over the incorrect color without priming. I would think you should have to use primer before painting a new color. Is this correct? Our home is only 5 months old and starting to peel. Do you have any suggestions of what we should do?


02:28PM | 01/05/20
I made a mistake and painted the apex of the front of my house with semi gloss paint. The shine is too much. Can I repaint with flat or satin? Do I just paint over it?


02:29PM | 01/05/20
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I made a mistake and painted the apex of the front of my house with semi gloss paint. The shine is too much. Can I repaint with flat or satin? Do I just paint over it?


10:34PM | 02/15/20
Yes,you can paint over any sheen , of course choosing satin would be easier coverage over semi gloss than choosing flat ! Just paint over it


10:36PM | 02/15/20
And no you do not have to use a primer over an existing paint.


09:32AM | 03/24/20
I have some cracks on my foundation outside which would be better satin finish or semi gloss


06:38AM | 06/15/21
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