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08:57PM | 09/29/05
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I'm in the process of painting my garage, which has been professionally drywalled and trimmed. I used Sherwin Williams best primer and paints (PrepRite Classic Latex Primer; Duration Home [walls]; ProClassic Waterborne Latex Enamel [trim]), which I had been told were great paints. I am also using Purdy brushes to cut in and do the trim work.

I prepped and primed the walls and trim. I then painted the walls with two coats of the Duration paint. I'm in the process of doing the trim with the ProClassic Enamel.

Because I don't have the steadiest of hands, I decided to use 3M Painters Tape (the blue stuff) around the walls by the trim. I applied the trim paint, waited two days, and then tonight, I peeled off the tape. It ended up peeling off a large amount of the paint on the walls. This is not due to the tape being on the walls for too long. During the taping process, I had to take the tape off (I put it on wrong) and I noticed that there was an area that peeled after only having tape on for a few seconds. I figured that this was an isolated problem, so I continued to tape prior to painting the trim.

As I'm painting on weekends and after work when time allows, the paint and primer were allowed to dry for days in between coats, so I know that that can't be the cause. But I'm wondering what I could have done wrong. It just appears as if the Duration paint hasn't properly adhered to the primer. I figured that by sticking with a quality, name-brand product, I'd avoid some of the problems associated with cheap paint. And the paint isn't old...I bought it about two weeks ago and applied the first coat literally hours after bringing it home from the store.

I'm tempted to try to free-hand the trim, but it just doesn't look very good--I don't paint for a living and haven't yet acquired this talent. I've also tried to use a metal edge as a guide/guard, but this has proved to be a bit problematic, as the ProClassic Enamel is a bit gummy when being applied. Now, my tried-and-true method, which has worked for me for years--painters tape--has proved to be rather problematic as well. Any suggestions? Anyone else have similar problems? Thanks.


Caledonia, MI


12:14PM | 07/22/06
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The same EXACT thing just happened to me! I've always painted with 3m blue tape and never had this problem until now. I primed last Saturday morning, did the first coat Sunday afternoon/evening, it took days to dry since its been so humid, but I waited. Now I'm taking off the tape and it peeled everywhere no matter how careful I was!

I'm assuming you've done something to fix your walls by now. What did you do? Any suggestions for me?



06:05PM | 07/23/06
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The tape you need to use is the 3M tape for sensitive surfaces and it is still blue but has a orange wrapper and core.

Also it take acrylic paints 30 days to cure and at two days it is still soft and that is why the regular blue tape is pulling it off. I would try the shield again and add some water to the Pro Classic to loosen it up a bit.


11:54AM | 01/03/08
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I had this very same problem. I was very meticulous getting the tape on and waited a day longer than I needed to to make sure the paint was completely dried. The tape still peeled paint away and I had to go back with a teeny tiny paint brush to touch it all up.

I asked my dad about this because I remember growing up and he has painted a LOT of rooms in our house.

Here's how he did it and got a clean edge with no peeling.

He taped off the entire room then started painting at one end. When he finished at the other he immediatly started taking the tape off where he began painting. He warned that it can be very messy and that paint will get all over your hands, but it prevent the tape from peeling off any dried paint.


06:13PM | 07/24/15
I am painting the baseboards, trim, and some walls in my home. Today, I placed painters tape along the top of the baseboard and the bottom of the wall to re caulk first. When pulling off the painters tape, the paint on the baseboard began peeling off with the tape. I am hearing most people attribute this problem to the paint onto which the tape is being applied not properly curing first, or tape remaining on an hour or however longer than it should rather than removing sooner. I removed the tape upon completing caulking and the paint on the baseboard is probably 10 years old or more, what could be the problem here? Additionally, as I painted the foyer walls, as to not get paint on the trim, I taped it off tape(3m, by the way). Once I finished painting the walls, I removed the tape from the trim, which also is probably 10 years old, and the paint came off with the tape. I am a novice, painter, homeowner, DIYer and need serious help. I am wondering if it was the type of paint, maybe, used by the previous homeowners? Or, from what someone responded, maybe they just didn't use a primer first? Please help because I want to repaint all the trim and baseboards, but should I decided to repaint walls in say 5 years, I don't want this problem again. Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dee


11:10AM | 09/08/15
Thank goodness I met you all! I'm going nuts with painter's tape peeling paint off the wall! This is the first time this ever happened to me.


02:21PM | 10/26/15
I just bought a newly built home which I got to pick colors & trims for while it was being finished. 2 months ago the home was finished & over the last month we started decorating. My wife bought all different wall art for around the house. When I hang things I always use blue tape (3m)to make heights & centers. to my dismay after hanging some of the art, when I pulled off the tape, some of the paint came off with it. It happened in the house & also when hanging cabinets in the garage. The paint the builder used was a good Sherwin-Williams brand. I can not understand why this is happening, the tape is only on for a few minutes at a time & I don't even push down the edges. I am strictly using it as a guide & then taking it off; this is all on brand new sheet rock, primed & painted.
Any Ideas, please help.

Mike from Alpharetta, Ga.


02:13PM | 11/01/15
The tape and caulk have been on the painted walls several days. How do I get it off without ruining the paint job?


12:37PM | 11/10/15
I am a professional refinisher and have also had this issue. The only thing I found that helped was to heat the tape with a hair dryer for a minute or so and then remove the tape on a 90 degree angle this will greatly reduce the peeling if it is removed when the tape is still warm.


11:38AM | 12/31/15
My walls and ceilings were painted 10 years ago by a professional. Recently, I had the popcorn ceiling removed and replaced by a professional. He taped plastic all along the walls to prevent splatter on my walls. When he removed the painter's tape and the plastic, the paint peeled all along the seam where the ceiling and walls meet. I'm on a budget and don't know what to do. He said I could finish peeling the sections off and touch up with leftover wall paint. What do you recommend?


07:02AM | 02/18/16
We have been having the same problem with Sherwin Williams primer and paint peeling. Once we had the sheet rock textured and allowed to dry for a week, purchased a paint sprayer and applied Sherwin Williams primer to the entire interior. Allowed to dry for at least a week before we sprayed the ceiling, then rolled all walls with SW paint. As we work full time, it had ample time to dry between coatings. At one point, we ran out of the living room paint and had to purchase more, however the SW store said there was a RECALL because the paint wasn't drying. We had to wait several weeks to get more. Once we started taping and trimming (a month later) the paint started peeling off!! We used blue sensitive tape, etc. The store admitted a recall!! How do you remove paint when it's been recalled? We spent a ton of $$ and are extremely disappointed with the results.


11:27PM | 07/29/16
Help!!! I just painted my bathroom with water-based semigloss. When removing the painters tape it's pulling the paint off the wall in sheets!!!!! How do I repair this. The paint is not cured yet. Do I wait for it to cure before trying to sand and repaint????


01:07PM | 08/13/16
When we went to polyurethane our birch wall panels, we taped off the ceiling edge with 3M tape. The ceiling had been primed for a year but were waiting to finish the walls to pick a color. The tape was on the primed ceiling for 4 days.The primer peeled off with the tape. This has never happened to us before. Called 3m and the lady said that in the fine print, on the inside of the tape roll, it states to not use the tape on primer, on fresh paint less than 30 days old. I read the fine print and it states: SCOTCH-BLUE PAINTERS TAPE FOR MULTI SURFACES #2090 Medium adhesion. 14 day removal. Test before use. Do not use with or on lacquer, wall paper, unpainted wall board or wood floors. I did not read the fine print before use. but if I did, it stated nothing at all about not using it on primed surfaces. 3m sent us two rolls of #2080 for delicate surfaces. Hope this helps. Still have not found a way to fix the peeled surface. Going to try to patch the peeled sections with drywall mud and sand the edges to blend to the primer, re-prime, then paint. Does any one have a better solution?


09:06PM | 07/26/17
I've been painting for years. I've seen this type of problems happen only on new construction. It's ussualy because the drywall dust isn't cleaned off before priming. The primer doesn't adhear very well over dust and even after two coats of wall paint it can still pull the paint. The only thing you can do if this happens is to just pull it all and spackle the bad areas. Sand, prime, and touch up with paint. Just remember any painting you need to do needs to be free of dust especially fresh sanded drywall around any door jams or baseboards that you plan to tape to. Good luck and hope that helps!


08:59PM | 11/03/17
I have noticed the same thing. I have no proof but I believe when the house was constructed the painter or builder used caulking to seal up any seams or opening between trim and drywall. While caulking, they used their finger to smooth out the caulk causing some caulk to be spread in a thin layer on the drywall where the finger touched it. They then painted over it causing the paint to stick to the caulking and not the drywall. Along comes myself and paint over the paint with a new color and after taping to do the trim, the new paint, old paint and thin layer of caulking comes off with the tape. That's my theory :-)


01:12AM | 07/24/18
Been a professional for 25 years and have noticed that the majority or the scotch blue tapes have gone down in quality,, try using duct brand painters tape, it’s been around a long time and has worked well in most situations. Also never leave tape on for more than a day. Unless it for some reason needs to b up for 2 or more coats. If that’s the case try not to hack the hell out of the tape when cutting in


05:41PM | 09/10/19
The entire problem is the paint + primer,this stuff is junk.I painted for years with dutch boy and it was cured and hard the next day,now it takes days to dry.And its thin,peels off with tape and this never happened to me ever before.But,people want whats easy,paint without prime first,and we see it doesnt work well.Id pay more for a pure paint.


10:43AM | 08/01/20
I have painted every room in my house and consider myself an experienced painter. Just recently, I painted our master bathroom. It has been very hot and humid outside- 90’s and greater. I allowed 2 days for paint to cure, however; when I went to remove the Scotch 3M tape, it took off the paint from the wall with it in several places. I used Behr paint which I have always had excellent results. The only thing that I can attribute the tape sticking and bring a layer of paint with it off the wall is 2 things: 1) it was hot and humid and I did on occasion I did open the window, and 2) I will pull off the tape immediately right after painting. In the past, I’ve pulled off the tape when the paint was still wet and this seems to work great. It may reduce the frustration factor and hopefully reduce doubts about DIY painting projects in the future. Patricia M


03:36PM | 01/30/21
To all,
Surfaces need to be cleaned and/or at least dust free. Years of accumulated airborne pollutants must be removed or the paint won't stick to the surface. But, it will stick to the painter's tape and come off when the tape is removed.
Ray F.


06:54PM | 02/15/21
One BIG reason and especially in new home construction is that contractors don’t wipe the walls down before using a paint spray gun. The paint sits on top of the drywall joints instead of being forced into the pores of the surface.


12:48PM | 05/03/21
I am redoing my bathroom. I had to add three layers of skim coat on the wall to even it out. After every sanding I cleaned the walls with a damp sponge to get rid of the dust. I also did it in between drywall and primer. I put two coats of primer on and let it dry for four days. Put frog tape around my door trim as I wanted to paint the door first. I put two coats of paint on the door trim and after my last coat removed the tape. And the primer came right off with it. So disappointing. So I cut around the peeled areas with a utility knife, sanded it, cleaned the surface and put spackling on the torn places. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but from now on I will not be using painters tape that’s for sure.


04:43PM | 07/18/21
#1 learn to paint without tape
#2 if you absolutely have to use tape, don't leave it on past 5-6 hours. Peel it off while surrounding paint is still wet
#3 don't put painters tape over ANYWHERE you use drywall mud. If it hasn't been along time the tape will pull off the paint AND some dry mud stuck to it most likely.
#4 only push down the painters tape on the edge you need and leave the other half to 3 quarters of the tape as lose as possible. I don't even press it down just as small of edge as possible to the painted side needing the clean edge
#5 consider using weaker tape on areas that might be a problem. Even if you get a few spots the paint runs under it a little, you can touch those up easily after wards with the opposite paint below the tape and a straight edge held up above it (tape line).

Some of the things I do that work in bad situations.


04:43PM | 07/18/21
#1 learn to paint without tape
#2 if you absolutely have to use tape, don't leave it on past 5-6 hours. Peel it off while surrounding paint is still wet
#3 don't put painters tape over ANYWHERE you use drywall mud. If it hasn't been along time the tape will pull off the paint AND some dry mud stuck to it most likely.
#4 only push down the painters tape on the edge you need and leave the other half to 3 quarters of the tape as lose as possible. I don't even press it down just as small of edge as possible to the painted side needing the clean edge
#5 consider using weaker tape on areas that might be a problem. Even if you get a few spots the paint runs under it a little, you can touch those up easily after wards with the opposite paint below the tape and a straight edge held up above it (tape line).

Some of the things I do that work in bad situations.


05:43PM | 10/17/21
I just had this issue and removed the tape and the paint had tried. This resulted in some areas being torn off. I used a razor blade immediately once i saw it was peeling to stop anymore. I use frog tape over the blue 3m tape because it has always given me better results. Will wait a few days to dry then i will sand it down and repaint!


07:56PM | 12/12/21
Just ran into a similar problem. It’s not the paint or dust, it’s the 3M tape. I had some Frog Tape and 3M tape. Used whatever tape happened to be closest to the wall I was working on. Waited a few hours for things to dry. The Frog tape pulled right off. The 3M tape had fused to the new paint. Instead of pulling off whole, it shredded wherever the new paint had made contact with the tape.

Thank goodness for the hair dryer recommendation. It was the only way I could get some of the smaller pieces off the wall.


03:16PM | 02/04/22
Having 3M Sensitive (violet) tape pull off cured (2 week) latex wall paint, mainly in places with spackle repairs.
The spackle was sanded, blown & swept clean (not washed) and had 1 coat of Kilz primer.
I also apply tape by pressing only on the one edge, though it often gets stuck all the way down.

So far have found no potential remedy on this thread, other than:
a) try washing spackle or mud repairs before priming.
b) stop taping those areas and learn to cut-in better, though I know my line will never compete with good edge-sealing type tape.

What a PIA.
Clearly water-based primers & paints don’t bond well with water-based fillers like vinyl spackle & drywall mud.
Haven’t tried oil-based primer over spackle yet… but will.

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