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12:56AM | 06/19/01
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It's been 6 months since I installed Ceramic Tile in my kitchen. The tile was installed over vinyl, using wonderboard as the install surface (not on a slab). I am starting to see cracking of the tile in certain areas of the floor - some traffic areas and other none-traffic paths. What could be causing the fractures? .


01:40PM | 06/25/01
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I am no expert, but I think you are seeing cracks from the flexing of the tile installed over a floor that flexes.


03:47PM | 06/25/01
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I am surprised that even though I installed the tile over wonderboard, this is occurring, even though the wonderboard is supposed to provide a sturdy surface....

Jay J

05:27AM | 06/26/01
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Hi kspero,

I think your sub-floor is 'bouncing'. You didn't say what ALL the layers are under your tile are, nor did you say what your joist-width AND spans are either. These variable come into play and help determine if the simple install of just WOnderboard is enough. Perhaps you needed an additional layer of 1/2" plywood? (Who knows.)

The bottom line is: You could fix the problem but it will most likely return. You could look into what could be done to reinforce the existing floor (from underneath, but I'd do that BEFORE I'd fix the floor.) Of course, the last thing you want to do is have the new floor ripped out. BUT, that's your call (assuming it's needed as part of the 'permanent fix' ...)

My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -MOderator


08:35AM | 06/26/01
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If what's under this floor is a crawl space, you might consider adding a couple of concrete and brick columns under this floor to "solidify" it. I attended a class at Home Depot awhile back on the subject and the instructor said this is sometimes needed to strengthen a floor before tile is put down.
At this point, it might be your best option to prevent further cracking. You might have to do some regrouting, but maybe it'll last.


02:01PM | 06/27/01
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I appreciate the replies. Sound like the advice given to me from Home Depot prior to installation was a little mis-informed. I had no idea that I would have to reinforce the subfloor (since there is a basement below). Unfortunately, I do not know the joist distances, but may consider some reinforcement under the area where I am seeing the cracking. Thanks again for the help!


11:36AM | 07/05/01
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wonderboard is NOT going to prevent cushioned vinyl from bouncing.. the vinyl should have been removed...


03:21PM | 09/03/01
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I had the same problem with tile over a vinyl floor. Two suggestions given to me by a tile installer. The wonder board should have been thicker. The tiles may have been set without adequate cement causing them to bear the load of walking on them unevenly. The reinforcing answer may also help to stop the subfloor from moving.

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