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01:24AM | 03/16/04
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Hi- I just bought an old house that has cement asbestos shingles. I want to clean outside of house, repair shingles, and then paint. Can anyone help me. Thank you.


05:47PM | 03/18/04
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When you say asbestos shingles, I presume you mean asbestos 'siding' shingles.

These are easily prepared and easy to repaint.

You can power wash any loose paint or simply scrape and remove any loose paint lightly with a wire brush.

Then either prime and paint or simply paint (brush, roll, spray).

Asbestos shingles are very easy to recoat and will last much longer than paints on most wood or other surfaces.


12:00AM | 03/19/04
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I have been told not to power wash asbestos shingles, just use tsp, lightly scrub, and rinse off with hose. Lay tarp down or weed barrier to catch any flaking, wear masks, then paint with any good exterior paint. Am I right.


02:11AM | 03/20/04
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I would be good idea to wear a mask while working on any older house as there could be lead based paint. The tarps to catch the loose paint would be good idea.

To be honest I feel that a a pump-up garden sprayer, brush and a garden hose work great on cleaning a house. As far as the cleaner to use I would not use TSP as it can promote mildew down the road. The Jomax product from Zinsser is good product, but if you can't find that buy a house wash from the paint store.

Once you get the house clean and the peeling paint off you will need to prime with an exterior acrylic primer(if you can't get all the caulk off add Emulsa-Bond) and finish with an acrylic house paint in a flat finish.


04:40PM | 03/20/04
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Cannot think of any particular reason not to power wash asbestos.

Asbestos shingles themselves are quite stable and unless they are extremely deteriorated they should not be affected adversely by the power washing.

If you know of a particular reason why asbestos shingles should not be pwoer washed, I'd be interested in hearing what it is.


03:40PM | 09/06/16
I power washed my asbestos siding several years ago. Not a good idea. Cleaned very well but took a lot of the color off the siding.


03:23PM | 07/13/21
how do i clean asbestos shingke siding


03:25PM | 07/13/21
how do i clean asbestos shingle siding

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