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10:21AM | 02/26/04
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I'm getting ready to install luan as underlayment for a vinyl tile floor and was thinking about purchasing a pneumatic stapler to help with this and other projects. The item that I'm looking at is a Stanley/Bostitch SB2IN1 Brad - Stapler Gun Combo Kit.

First, any reviews from owners/users on this product?

Second, this tool uses an 18 guage staple. Can I purchase underlayment staples for this tool and will they be adequate?



07:55AM | 02/27/04
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Where is everyone getting this Luan?

All I hear about in the flooring industry, is that it can be crap. The major manufacturers of vinyl say that if luan is used, and there are problems, it's probably the luan.

sorry I can't answer your question, someone will, I just though I would sound off.


08:33AM | 02/27/04
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Soooo, Floorcraft. If not Luan what are we supposed to use. I put down the 1 ft square tiles in a laundry room and ***** told me that's what you put down to level the floor. It seemed like it did the job alright. Although I sold the house now. Maybe it looks like crap now.



01:36PM | 02/27/04
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Gotta agree with devildog...I've worked on a number of Habitat Houses in my area as well as having done a fair bit of remodeling on my own place. I have taken it for granted that the use of luan as a base for vinyl flooring is a long-standing and VERY common practice - especially when the tile is going on as a replacement over an uneven surface. If there is another product out there that's better, the news hasn't it made it to the midwest yet. Until someone can point me to some source that substantiates that luan is out and something else is in - then luan it is.


04:57AM | 02/28/04
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I remember reading somewhere, or maybe the guy at the lumber yard told me, that what most people are purchasing as "luan" is not really luan. When I needed to level the subfloor in my master bedroom, I used 1/4" plywood, which was the replacement for the luan I requested.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


08:45AM | 02/28/04
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apa approved plywood is the best. If you check with vinyl manufacturers, they understand that Luan can be terrible for vinyl installs. There have been alot of problems when Luan is used (discoloration). Not every time, but enough where the manufacturers recommend plywood.

usually when clients experience discoloration, they assume it's their fault.


11:05AM | 03/02/04
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Thanks for clarifying this...I hadn't heard about the discoloration issue before. What is the proper method to install ¼" plywood as subflooring? Can I use 18 guage underlayment staples? Thanks for keeping the thread going!


10:12PM | 09/12/13
I am a proffessional underlayment contractor for some large builders.
I have been contracted to install Luan for all the Vinal Lino jobs and never seen nor heard of any problems with "discoloration " until I've read this blog.
Can someone who actually experienced this issue pls. Respond?
I am very curious. Thx

David, Moderator

10:36PM | 12/03/13
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I have used luan as underlayment many, many times and have never experienced any problems.
I have had problems with plywood though. I am posting this info so that maybe it may save somebody some grief some day.
Several years ago I was doing sub work for a well known home improvement center. Instead of sending me luan, they sent me 1/4 " plywood and said this was what they were using now for underlayment.
It was nice looking plywood. It had several football plugs that were finished off real well.
I was totally shocked when I discovered that everyone of those plugs left an outline that was visible through the vinyl.
It almost seems like they swelled up.
My opinion,I would recommend using luan and nothing else.


12:38PM | 08/29/14
I wish someone had actually answered the original question. That's the one I would like answered. What kind of stapler to use.

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