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10:07AM | 05/19/04
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I have to have about 60 sq. ft. of 3/4 inch particle board underlayment removed after being damaged by water. It is nailed every 4 inches in each direction with "screw-nails". It will be replaced with 3/4 inch plywood.

Does anybody know of any time standards to do this or have a good estimate to remove the particle board? And to install the new plywood?

Are there any government or industry time standards?


12:26PM | 05/19/04
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there are no laws unless it is unbelievably blatent.

Tearout is unknown. Is it screwed, nailed, glued? is it glued AND screwed?

tough to say, nobody knows how long it will take, but they can estimate, and nobody should hold them to it to the hour.

As far as installing, it depends on the layout. If there are no cuts, it should go quick, if there are lots of cuts, it will take longer.

are you afraid you are getting jipped or something?


04:32PM | 05/19/04
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No, my bathroom floor was flooded and the carpenter estimates that it will take a full day or a little more. The insurance company (Allstate) says that it should take no more than 40 minutes which seems more like the insurance company is trying to gyp me.

The floor is 6 x 10 with a 2 x 3 closet in one corner. The underlayment is 3/4 particle board nailed down with 2 inch "screw-nails", according to the carpenter.

I am trying to determine what a reasonable time might be to remove the particle board.


07:09AM | 05/20/04
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Obviously, the contractor does not want to end up on the short end on this transaction by underbidding the work, and the insurance wants to limit its liability and put pressure on the contractor to perform the work quickly.

40 minutes estimated by the insurance company is about enough time to set up the work area to assemble tools and prevent dust from migrating around the house. I have removed particleboard underlayment from a large kitchen in less than a day, so that seems excessive for a 6 X 10 area. According to your post, there is no toilet, tub or vanity that needs to be moved. The procedure involves cutting up the floor into small sections, setting a circular saw at 3/4 inch depth, then manually removing the small pieces. Once the first piece comes out, the rest goes pretty quick using pry-bars and hammers.

My guess is that the removal will take 2-1/2 hours to 3 hours including cleanup (debris removal). Repairs to the subfloor and refinishing not included.


03:23PM | 05/21/04
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Tom is right.

Sounds like the insurance company is thinking way low, and the contractor is thinking way high.

2 1/2 to 3 tops....


09:39AM | 04/17/17
I was told, that in order for the flooring company to install an engineered hardood floor, I am to remove (and am trying to remove) a particle board subfloor that was laid over an OSB subfloor,covered by vinyl then on top of that covered with 1 quarter inch plywood and another layer of vinyl! some areas were also covered with a foam type water barrier, covered with a cheap(now separated) laminate. I am installing engineered hardwood floors throughout in a 1300 square foot area. The particle board subfloor is not only glued down,it is screwed, nailed and stapled using 2 1/2to 3" nails and staples.ISSUE:the particle board just crumbles when I try to pry it up and so far I have spent 3 days 9 hours a day literally chipping away at this with a crowbar sledgehammer and a flat edge.PLEASE HELP! I am confused, because now the floor level has dropped dramatically and is much lower than ALL door frames/trim AND the kitchen cabinets because the particle board runs under the cabinets as well. It appears to me that in order to have a smooth surface for the new floors (which they say requires absolutely NO water barrier or underlayment of any kind)
Sorry for rambling, I have only today to finish, as they are to start installation of floors tomorrow I feel the flooring people gave me incorrect instructions .Please advise!

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