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01:49PM | 04/05/05
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Hello. I have a question about leveling a concrete floor. This is in a bedroom converted from a single car garage. I want to lay tile in the room, but because the room used to be a garage, the floor is not perfectly flat. The floor is kind of cupped in the middle, and tilts slightly downward (towards where the garage door used to be). I guess garage floors are made like this so that if fluids leak from an auto, they will run away from the house not towards it. Anyway, I need to fill the low spots in the room to make the floor level. The area I'm filling is 10'x10'. At one edge (the edge that was near the garage door), the floor must come up approx 2", and this tapers off to nothing about 10' away. Sorry if that is confusing, I'm explaining as best as I can. I need to know what material to use to level this floor. In my mind I think the right way is to use quickrete as much as possible, and top it off with a thin layer of self leveling underlayment. Does this sound right? Also, I need to know if I need to use a primer of some kind? I know quickrete sells one, but the directions on the back confused me. Any recomendations or advice would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help, guys. I will post this msg in both the flooring forum and in the foundation forum, because I do not know which is appropriate.


07:00AM | 05/07/05
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You mentioned using Gypcrete to level your floor. I would recommend Levelrock, an alternative gypsum-based concrete. Levelrock comes in various PSI ratings, so if the new bedroom were ever to be converted back to a garage, it would hold up to having a vehicle parked on it without crumbling, as has been my experience with Gypcrete.

It has the consistency of water when it's poured, so it's self leveling. There are also stains and glazes available which could be applied to the levelrock which gives it the look/feel of ceramic tile - or you could just cover it with pad and carpet.

Alcorp markets USG's Levelrock product and they could tell you more specifics as to how to work with the product.

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