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06:23AM | 08/16/08
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Contractor used PL Premium when laying my hardwood floors. Unfortunately he tracked it all over the floors. Its been cured and have no idea how to remove it. It has also stained the finish. Have no idea what finish is on the floor. Contacted the flooring company several times but they still haven't responded. What do I do? This stuff is everywhere as I had the hardwood put through the whole downstairs.


08:28AM | 08/16/08
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First of all Pl Premium is not designed for laying floors.

Check the installation instructions on the flooring that was used.

There are urethanes adhesives that are designed specifically for flooring such as Bostek's Best.

I don't know what kind of contract you had with them or if you have paid them. But I would make vist with a attorney that does construction defect work and spend $50 - $200 for a review of your situation.

As to your question you might try LiftOff Silcon Caulk and Foam Remover.

I have people report that it has remove excess Gorilla Glue (with is also a urethane based adhesvie) with damaging the finish on furniture.

But PL is a different type of urethane and I don't know if it will work or not.

Also test it in a hidden area to see if it affects the finish.


05:22AM | 09/03/08
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Thanks for the advice. Actually, I took a last ditch attempt and tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on one spot and it came right off with no damage to finish so I have gone over the floors and it all came off. I had previously tried everything else. So you never know what will or will not work. Glad it's gone!


01:43AM | 08/25/13
Actually if you look at the Lepage website it says PL is designed for laying hardwood floors.


07:51AM | 09/28/14
I have removed the drop in liner and have been left with a black glue adhesive nightmare. What product could I use to remove this?


08:18AM | 09/28/14
You should know by now that Billfart is just a blowhard that gives poor advice.


09:59AM | 03/07/15
Hi, I was reading this post and i have the same problem. I installed the floors my self and used PL. When I was done I noticed that one of my shoes had PL on it and made a complete disaster of my floor. I'v been trying everything and nothing was working. I didn't want to use chemicals and take the finish off. When I was reading and you said you used a magic eraser, the first thing I did was go a try it. Everything came off. I'm jumping of joy. Thanks again for the great advice


03:14PM | 05/17/15
PL Premium for gluing down hardwood to stairs is simply the best, just make sure you don't get it on your hands, shoes, walls, etc.


03:55PM | 07/04/16
In my case, I used PL Premium to stick bamboo stairway bullnoses to the ends of the treads, because there was nowhere to nail them except lots of ugly face nailing. (I could have filled the holes, but that never looks or feels quite right, and enough nails for a stairway bullnose would make the bamboo too likely to split.)

Anyway, the bamboo is somewhat porous, and over the course of a year or so, the PL oozed up through the bullnoses, lifted the factory urethane finished, and left tiny ribbons of dark gray crud on the surface of the bullnoses. Yuck!

My solution was completely mechanical: I scraped the crud off with my thumbnails. More oozed through, and I scraped more. I don't know how long it will take before it stops, but as long as my thumbnails grow faster than the stuff oozes through, I'm OK.

But the reason I came here was that an expensive drill bit got gunked up with the PL, and I wanted a way to remove it from the bit that wouldn't leave sticky crud behind.



11:45AM | 09/08/16
I had a few spots of cured PL Premium on pre-finished, polyurethaned hardwood flooring. After reading this thread, I tried the magic erase and it worked wonderfully. Took a decent amount of scrubbing, but it all came off and the floor is undamaged.


07:00PM | 09/12/17
The Magic Eraser works! Thank you all for posting about it.


08:26PM | 12/24/18
There is 100% polyhurathene glue removal you can find that at torcan coating for 20$


11:26PM | 05/13/20
Did anyone notice a dulling if the finish once you used the magic eraser on your stairs? And if so, did you put another coat of polyurethane on after you cleaned it up? If you had the dulling, did that go away with the additional coat of polyurethane?


06:10PM | 01/02/21
After trying numerous methods, we tried the magic eraser and it worked dullness to the original wood flooring....thank you for the suggestion....

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