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11:14AM | 01/11/11
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I'm having a problem with my shower I think. A couple months ago we went to run the hot water, and it made this terribly loud what I thought was a vibrating sound maybe. I asked someone and they said it was probably just air in the pipes, and the noise went away. well here we are a few months later, and its back again. We don't get a noise when we run hot water from the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, or dishwasher, i'm guessing it only when we open up that big flow in the bathtub/shower is when its happening. I can turn the hot water on and have it not make the noise, seems I can get about two cranks of the hot water knob safely, although I need to experiment more. Does this mean I have a problem with the pipes for my shower or the hot water tank?
Also, its in the low 20s outside, if weather has anything to do with it.


11:44AM | 01/11/11
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Most likely the problem lies in the shower valve,might need washers,o ring,cartridge,ect.


12:17PM | 01/11/11
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Thanks Larry. I know my hot, cold, and shower knob that I turn have seem better days, I've had to take the hot and cold apart before to put a new washer in because the knob wouldn't turn enough/properly to turn the water off. I'm wondering if its just time to replace all those? Is that something thata not-so-handy man can do or is it best left to someone with experience? The noise is horribly loud, sends my dog running and woke me out of a dead sleep last night when someone tried to take a shower.


12:18PM | 01/11/11
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Also, the noise only happened with the hot water knob, no noises with the cold or shower knob when turning them on and off.


12:23PM | 01/12/11
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I don't know if you could do it yourself or not,or what your tool situation is. Try replacing the washer and see what happens.


03:15PM | 01/12/11
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So just try the washer inside the handle for the hot water? or are there more somewhere related to the hot water that i should replace also?

sorry for all the what are probably stupid questions.


06:19AM | 01/13/11
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I would try just the hot.


07:41PM | 08/08/11
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if it didn't happen with the cold water knob, then it's obviously something wrong with the hot one


11:41AM | 12/07/13
when turning on my shower and letting the hot water run a bit i can hear a very loud noise and sounding like its vibrating but also sounding like its going to bust but when turning the valve to cold it stops i dont know if its the weather cause we are -9 degrees need help


10:37PM | 06/18/14
I have this from a single handle faucet for my shower.


12:11PM | 10/26/14
Same problem. Single handle faucet and if we turn the hot to anything other than Luke warm we get loud vibrations. Could it be the hot water relief valve?


05:43AM | 10/23/17
Woke up to shower drain noise in the middle of the night


12:21PM | 04/27/20
my shower vibrates and don´t no whats happening


12:36PM | 04/30/20
I had this problem with my shower in upstairs bathroom, making rattling noise in other bathrooms in my house. For a long while, I thought this is due to the shower valve in that bathroom. At some point, the nice shower head in that bathroom started leaking in the middle, so I replaced the shower head with a new one that provided more flow as well. To my surprise, the rattling noise was gone. It had nothing to do with the valve and was caused by the bad shower head.


01:38PM | 05/20/20
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wy the walls vibrat wen i used bouth shawe at the same time

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