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10 Bargain Organizers for a Tidy Garage

The garage is one of the most cluttered spaces in the whole house. Too often it becomes a dumping ground for sports equipment, lawn tools, off-season decorations, and workshop tools that somehow never get put back properly. Luckily, an entire subset of the organization business is set up to provide you with a broad range of inexpensive solutions for virtually any garage storage problem. A few best practices will help you bring calm to the chaos. Many items stored in the garage are seasonal, so be sure to make the most out of your vertical space. High shelving and ceiling storage can house your sleds and snow shovels in the summertime, and your beach umbrellas and surf boards during the winter. Sports and recreational items like balls, bats, gloves, and sticks should be corralled in one place, either on shelves or in baskets and bins so they don’t end up scattered everywhere. Toxic substances, like motor oil, paint thinner, fertilizer and pesticides need to be accessible, but should be kept up high and out of reach of children and pets. Find a high shelf or a cabinet you can close for these items. Organization and control is within reach. These affordable storage ideas can be easily integrated into your garage and bring back order—just like that.

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Rack and Roll


Brooms and rakes, shovels and hoes: When you think about it, there are a surprising number of long-handled tools in the average garage. Store up to 40 such essentials in the Rubbermaid Tool Tower Rack. Made from rust- and rot-proof molded resin, the wheeled holder keeps your equipment organized and secure—and always within easy arm’s reach. Available on Amazon; $48.

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Ceiling Storage


Protect yourself against spring flooding by keeping your garage storage off the floor. This ceiling-mounted rack will free up to 16 square feet of floor—or cabinet—space. It stores up to 250 pounds—and the built-in pulley system means you’ll never have to climb a ladder to reach anything. Available on Amazon; $249.43.

Heavy-Duty Helper


Storage done right always takes advantage of vertical space. The Safe Racks Overhead Garage Storage unit’s two-tier design means you can keep your most-used stuff under the shelf for easy access—and stash rarely used or seasonal items on top. It’s the perfect solution for maximizing space in garages large and small. Available on Amazon; $199.98.

A Boost for Your Bikes


No need to choose between weekend bike rides and your midlife-crisis Mustang purchase—you can have and fit both vehicles in the garage with this creative ceiling storage. The pulley structure from RAD Cycle Products hoists your two-wheeler overhead and can support even bulkier bikes that weigh up to 100 pounds. Available on Amazon; $24.87.

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Have a Ball


Time and again, the simplest inventions prove to be among the most beneficial. For decades, homeowners struggled to improvise an effective storage method for organizing basketballs and footballs. Enter the Ball Claw: Though it’s nothing more than a plastic wall-mount, the product utterly vanquishes what had previously been a petty but nonetheless real frustration for many families. Indeed, it’s so convenient, your kids might not pretend it’s not there! Available from Amazon; $16.99.

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Peg Yourself Organized Person


Consider this the perfect starter pegboard kit. With 8 square feet to panel a garage wall and 43 accessories for hanging and corralling, all that’s missing are your tools! Bonus: The heavy-duty plastic on this Bulldog Harware Peg-A-System trumps traditional particle board for long-term durability. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

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Oil Holder


Any driver needs a little extra garage space for motor oil, antifreeze, or cleaners. This heavy-duty wall-mounted storage unit, made from sheet metal, holds up to 8 one quart bottles, and boasts a towel holder, too. Super easy to install, you’ll be ready to use your organizer in a matter of mere minutes. Available at Amazon; $52.11

Wall Organizer


There’s nothing more unsightly than a messy garage with tools cluttered in every inch of space. With a 96-inch wide peg track, and up to 24 slots, this wall organizer is perfect for keeping all your garden tools tidy and out of the way. Adjustable peg locations allow you to easily customize your organizer to fit all your gear. As a bonus, it’s both rust- and scratch-proof. Available on Amazon
; $29.95

Contain Your Caddy


The last thing you need junking up your garage are golf clubs, especially if you’re not that committed to the game. It’s a whole lot easier to muster up the motivation to exercise when you can actually find your equipment. That’s where the Suncast GO3216 Golf Organizer can make your life a little easier. Store a grab-and-go caddy in the organizer, and use the extra compartments for shoes, hats, and gloves. Available on Amazon; $69.95.

Corral the Cords


Tangled extension cords can trip you up in the garage. Or maybe you never know where yours is when you need it. With a cord winder, you’ll never have that problem again. Just crank the handle of this wall-mounted device and stow away 100 feet of cord in just 30 seconds. Available on Amazon; $33.84.

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