10 Bunk Beds Well Worth the Climb

These stylish and space-saving bunk beds make it easer than ever to tuck in two—or more—sleepyheads in one room.

  1. Triple Decker

    Triple Bunk Bed

    Make the most efficient use of a small—ideally tall—space by stacking three bunks in a corner in a perpendicular pattern. This DIY model is constructed mainly of 2x4s and was left unfinished for a natural look.

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  2. Slide Out of Bed

    Bunk Bed Slide

    Slide out of the clouds from a bunk bed fantasy that would make any little kid giddy. Playful, nature-inspired designs embellish the bed's high safety rails.

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  3. Twin Over Full

    Twin Over Full Bed

    You can make enough room for a third sleeper with a twin-over-full design, which accommodates a full mattress on the bottom bunk. The simple Mission style of this unit keeps a bunk bed with a large footprint from feeling clunky


  4. Ultramodern Curves

    Modern Bunk Bed

    Step up the bunk-bed style with an ultramodern and totally reimagined design. Arched center supports form two ladders for top bunk access, while creating a wonderfully open feeling for the bottom bunk.


  5. Tandem Teens

    Bunk Beds for Teens

    Give a set of teens a super grown-up bunk bed by taking it all the way to the ceiling and installing drapery details. The top bunk feels like a luxury skybox instead of a little kid hangout.


  6. Built-In Nook

    Built-In Bunk Beds

    Tuck a set of bunk beds right into the wall with a built-in unit. A library ladder makes it easy to access the top bunk and slides completely out of the way when not in use. A set of drawers underneath is perfect for storing extra linens.

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  7. Super Storage With Stairs

    Bunk Bed Storage

    Replace a bunk bed’s ladder with a stair unit and you boost both safety and storage. No space has gone to waste here, because each stair houses a large drawer for clothing, linens, shoes, or anything else a kid might want to hide away.

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  8. Streamlined Metal

    Modern Bunk Bed

    Get a modern look and the most efficient footprint with a metal bunk bed frame. Metal evokes a more grown-up feeling and comes in a variety of finishes, from painted to burnished.


  9. L-Shaped Layout With Desks

    Bunk Bed Ideas

    Replace two beds and two desks with a space-saving L-shaped bunk bed; you’ll gain lots of floor space. The lower bunk is on casters for easier bed-making access. A dark wood stain gives the ensemble a warm feel, just right for cozying up under the covers.


  10. All Along One Wall

    Best Bunk Beds

    Let one wall do all the work with a bunk bed unit that incorporates a desk as well as cabinet storage. Each bunk even has its own shelf for books, clocks, lights, and personal gear. Fresh colors and clean laminate make for a refined, contemporary look.

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