10 Calming Colors for a Serene Home

These are the best paint colors for creating a relaxing environment at home.

Soothing Shades for Your Home

best calming paint colors

With life more stressful than ever, we are all eager to fashion our homes as restful, relaxing sanctuaries. Thoughtful color selection is an effective way to achieve serenity. To find a shade that soothes, Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, recommends painting large swatches of your two or three favorite shades so you can observe how the colors shift as the natural light changes and how they look under artificial lighting. "Once you’ve spent time with each color, you’ll better understand what creates a calming mood in a room and be able to make your final choice," says Wadden. Click through for paint colors that radiate a sense of calm, helping you regroup, recharge, and face each day with renewed energy.


Light Gray: Seize The Gray by Clare

Gray Paint

A light gray is the perfect base for a calm room. The subtle shade softens a room without making it too dim, and it can be decorated anyway you wish. Seize the Gray by Clare is a perfect choice for a calm gray; since it doesn't have undertones it is versatile for any style room and can adapt to different lighting. 


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Light Blue: Headspace by Clare

Pale Blue Paint

Light blue instantly brightens up a space. The appropriately-named Headspace by Clare is a universal favorite for being soft and airy, which creates a calm, uplifting atmosphere.

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Taupe: Poised Taupe SW 6039 by Sherwin-Williams

Taupe Paint

Taupe is a mix of brown and gray, but don't confuse it for beige. This shade is typically richer and darker with warm undertones. Sue Wadden recommends Poised Taupe, Sherwin-Williams' 2017 Color of the Year, for the "cocoon feeling" it creates. 


Purple: Joyful Lilac SW 6972 by Sherwin-Williams

Lavender Paint

Pale purple, such as lavender or lilac, is a great option if you want to break away from neutral colors. A shade like Joyful Lilac by Sherwin-Williams soothes while still offering a pop of color. Paint this on your bedroom walls for a calming retreat. 


White: Pure White SW 7005 by Sherwin-Williams

White Paint

White paint provides the blank slate you need to relax. A white, like Pure White by Sherwin-Williams, brightens a room and helps you stay focused. 


Green Blue: Make Waves by Clare

Sage Green Paint

You might not be able to live at the beach or see waves from your house, but that doesn't mean you can't bring that breezy vibe to your home. Clare's Make Waves is a cool green blue that, like ocean waves, ebbs and flows with your house's natural lighting. 


Beige: Bona Fide Beige SW 6065 by Sherwin-Williams

Putty Colored Paint

Pick beige for a light, peaceful neutral. With yellow undertones, a beige paint such as Bona Fide Beige by Sherwin-Williams is a softer, cozier option than white. 


Pink: Delightful SW 6289 by Sherwin-Williams

Pink Colored Paint

Pink isn't just for little girls' bedrooms anymore. From millennial pink to dusty rose, these subdued shades rejuvenate a space without being shocking. Consider Delightful by Sherwin-Williams for a muted pink pastel. 


Yellow: Overjoy SW 6689 by Sherwin Williams

Yellow Paint

Sunshine is an instant mood booster, and does wonders making you feel better. Bring that warm comfort into your home with a golden yellow. Overjoy by Sherwin-Williams replicates the sun and "instantly brightens up a room without overwhelming the entire space," says Wadden.


Greige: Chill by Clare

greige paint

Greige has cool undertones while still being gentle and warm. Chill by Clare (which has the perfect name for a calming paint color) has subtle green undertones, which makes for a light, airy space. 


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