10 Favorite Paint Colors for Any Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home—a room in which we greet the day, make important plans, and break bread with family and friends. Given the significance of this gathering place, it seems like a given that the colors used to decorate it should be both energizing and easy to live with. Which hue is right for you? The choice is a personal one, but we've found 10 inspirational examples to point you in the right direction.

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  1. Pale Straw


    Yellow is one of the most popular paint colors for the kitchen, and this faint hue is as welcoming as a spring garden. Glass-front cabinets and marble counters underscore the room's cheerful ambiance.

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  2. Rich Red


    The color red is thought to stimulate our appetite, so it's a natural choice for the kitchen. Keep the look playful by mixing in coordinated patterns and details like the curtains, lampshades, and cabinet knobs seen here.

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  3. Moss Green


    A color that's easy to live with, moss green evokes the great outdoors. White cabinets and light butcher-block counters are a pleasing combination with these walls.

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  4. Warm Beige


    A few shades deeper than classic off-white, beige in the kitchen creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Add warm wood tones, decorative tile, or granite countertops to liven things up.

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  5. Sunflower Yellow


    How can you give a traditional farmhouse kitchen an edgy feeling? Paint cabinetry and woodwork an unexpected color like this wake-me-up hue.

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  6. Apple Green


    You may have spotted apple green paint in a kitchen before, but probably not on the ceiling! Used overhead, this happy hue casts its glow around the room.

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  7. Foggy Gray


    There's something glamorous about using gray in the kitchen, especially when combined with marble counters and industrial-style lighting fixtures like these. Notice the varying shades of paint—lighter on the walls, darker on the work island.

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  8. Bold Black


    The secret to success with black walls in a kitchen is to balance them with ample white elsewhere in the room. Here, a dramatic stove hood and sizable work island do the trick.

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  9. Robin's Egg Blue


    Soothing and playful all at once, this pale shade of blue is ideal for a family kitchen with whimsical details. For a more traditional look, pair the color with white cabinetry.


  10. Tangerine


    An accent wall in this eye-catching hue is well suited to a modern kitchen, but the cheerful color would be equally comfortable in any decor.

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