Exterior Curb Appeal

10 New Ways to Display Your House Numbers

Sure, house numbers make it easier for mail carriers to find the right address, or for guests to know they've reached their destination, but house numbers do so much more! When thoughtfully selected, they give the exterior of your house a certain flair, setting your home apart from the rest. It's easier than ever to give your house numbers that personal touch, thanks to the Distinctions™ line of house numbers from The Hillman Group, which makes installation practically a snap. Guided by a template printed on the back of the packaging and the easy-to-follow instructions for mounting to an address plaque, home exterior, or other surface outdoors with easy drilling and the included studs, you can spend less time putting them up and more time and energy brainstorming fresh ways to display them outside your house. The abundance of options for weatherproof finishes, fonts, colors, and mounting styles (traditional flush mount or more modern floating) means that homeowners can assemble a set of these freestanding house numbers in the way that best complements the style of their house. Find inspiration for your own address plaque in these 10 wow-worthy designs, and then put Distinctions™ house numbers to work beautifying your home. This content has been brought to you by Hillman Group. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com.

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Top-Down Approach


Distinctions™ Floating Mount House Number in Black; available on Amazon.

So, you think you don’t have enough space on the exterior of your home to display your house number? Follow the lead of one resourceful homeowner who skipped the hassle of drilling into brick and instead mounted the numbers vertically on an underutilized porch column. Here, black five-inch numbers from Distinctions™ mounted on an elegant ivory pillar make for a classic color combination that is easy on the eyes and easy to read—even from a distance!

On the Fence


Distinctions™ Flush Mount House Number in Satin Nickel or Black; available at Lowe’s.

In a surprising departure from the expected, the homeowners of this elegant estate installed four-inch flush mount house numbers from Distinctions™ on an exterior surface that offered fantastic contrast: the painted wood privacy fence. The four-inch numbers are perfectly positioned so that neighbors and passersby can spot the address almost instantly, while a bright metallic finish makes the numbers appear crisp and legible against the sleek white backdrop.

Wallflower No More


Distinctions™ Floating Mount House Number in Satin Nickel or Black; available at Lowe’s.

Showcase your address—and your green thumb—by embellishing the exterior of your home with a house number plaque that does double duty as a wall-mounted planter for seasonal (or artificial!) blooms. Take a cue from Elsie Larson’s artful entryway: An address plaque and planter painted to match the exterior hue lets the metal finish of theses five-inch floating numbers from Distinctions™ really shine in the sun.

Garage Glamour


Distinctions™ Flush Mount House Number in Black; available on Amazon.

House numbers offer an opportunity to give your garage door a little polish—and practicality. Choose a set that best matches the style and color of your garage’s existing hardware—for example, these four-inch ebony flush mount numbers from Distinctions™—then mount them directly above the garage door. Die-cast zinc house numbers create a prominent display that is both attractive and weatherproof.

Right Frame of Mind


Distinctions™ Flush Mount House Number in Brushed Nickel; available on Amazon.

This cottage-style abode has its framed house number plaque to thank for its picture-perfect exterior. To make your home’s entry equally photogenic, consider securing four-inch nickel flush mount numbers from Distinctions™ inside a vintage oval frame, minus its glass. (The DIY Show-Off even spray-painted the frame to match the numbers!)

The Grass Is Greener on Your Side


Distinctions™ Floating Mount House Number in Polished Brass; available on Amazon.

Nothing lets you mark your turf at your new digs quite like a set of wow-worthy house numbers nestled, literally, in a bed of turf. Re-create this nature-inspired decor by filling a frame with artificial grass, then topping it with five-inch polished brass numbers from Distinctions™. Hanging this lush and luxurious plaque at eye level by the entry of your house will enhance any other green accents nearby, like a front door wreath or potted shrubs.

Let There Be Light


Distinctions™ Stick-On Domed House Number in Gold; available on Amazon.

If your house guests can never seem to find your address after dark, give them a guiding light by mounting house numbers beneath an exterior sconce. When the sun sets, flick on the light, and voilà—the numbers’ gold finish truly shines! Whether in the light of the sun or of a stylish outdoor sconce, these domed four-inch numbers from Distinctions™ appear bolder than most sets on the green address plaque and improve the visibility of your address at any time of day.

Knock On Wood


Distinctions™ Floating Mount House Number in Black; available on Amazon.

A homemade plaque, be it ever so simple, is hard to beat! Here, some stain and a weatherproof sealant transform a single piece of scrap wood into the perfect background for making those all-important address numbers really pop. Thin five-inch black “floating” numbers from Distinctions™ carry a bigger punch of personality against the wood than they would have if they had been installed directly to the stucco exterior of this modern, minimalist entrance.

Out-of-the-Box Mailbox


Distinctions™ Flush Mount House Number in Brushed Nickel; available at Home Depot.

A step up from the average mailbox, this stone veneer surround with its flush mount metal numbers from Distinctions™ delivers style and sophistication as it welcomes guests and even receives mail. Mounted below the mailbox in a slight recess, the four-inch numbers get a dramatic treatment: The depth draws the eye during the day, and a small light at the top of the recessed space illuminates the metallic numbers after dusk.

Raise the Roof


Distinctions™ Flush Mount House Number in Brushed Nickel; available at Home Depot.

Crafted from pallet wood and suspended by ropes from the roof, this unconventional house number plaque outside the Upcycled Ugly household makes a playful addition to the front porch—one that also doesn’t require so much drilling into the actual exterior. Nickel-plated steel house numbers from Distinctions™ set against an alternating backdrop of light- and dark-stained wood planks artfully marry modern and rustic design elements.