10 of the Most Genius Products from the Container Store

Take one trip to the The Container Store and you'll notice that they seem to offer a contraption to solve almost every organizational problem. But if you think this store is only good for plastic bins, caddies, and catchalls, you should take another look. Offering much more than the obvious storage solutions, The Container Store provides an array of handy household items for problems you didn't know you had. Here are some of the most amazingly clever buys you can get from this organizational oasis.

  1. Magnetic Key Hanger

    Magnetic Key Hanger

    The best way to quit losing your keys is to stop the cycle of setting them down wherever. Rather than walk all the way into your house before emptying your pockets, consider how much easier it would be if you could drop off and pick up keys as soon as you enter the door. KeyCatch Magnetic Key Hangers hold them until the very last moment—just before you turn on or off the lights—via strong magnets in the bottom of a light switch plate. Swap out the standard screws at the bottom of your switch plate for these key hangers, which can each hold up to three pounds. You'll never pat your pockets down in panic again (at least, not for the keys...your phone is a different story). Available at The Container Store; $11.99 for a package of 3.

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  2. Luggage Scale

    Luggage Scale

    In today's age of flying, fees for checked luggage vary by carrier but there's a common truth all airlines seem to uphold: If you overpack your bags, expect to pay for it in the form of extra charges. To avoid paying unnecessary fees, frugal flyers would be wise to weigh luggage before checking in at the airport, but most bathroom scales simply aren't the right size or shape to serve the purpose. That's where a two-handed scale like this will serve. Clip it to the handle of your suitcase, lift, and the weight will appear on the scale's LCD screen. The scale is small and light enough to toss in your stowed luggage or carry on, which can make it equally useful on both legs of your roundtrip journey. Available at The Container Store; $19.99.

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  3. Retractable Lint Roller

    Flint Retractable Lint Roller

    Sometimes a quick once-over before an important meeting surfaces something you missed at home: errant pet fur, fuzz from knitwear, a brush-up with dust, you name it. The retractable lint roller Flint can save you from embarrassment while on the go. Simply twist it open to reveal the super sticky sheets, roll, and push shut until the next time. The easy-to-refill 30-sheet roller shrinks to a compact size, so you can stow it in your backpack, purse, or carry on luggage with ease. Available at The Container Store; $6.99.

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  4. Measuring Colander

    Measuring Colander

    Two kitchen gadgets become one in this clever measuring colander, which saves space in the cabinets and speeds up after cooking cleanup. Easily rinse, drain and measure all at once without having to dirty another dish. Available at The Container Store; $12.99.

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  5. Cupholder Container

    Car Cup Organizer

    Take a look inside your car—chances are, you have various cords, coins, pens, and snacks scattered throughout. Corral your clutter with the Grey Driver Cup Organizer, which has three separate compartments and a cord port for easy storage. The organizer fits into most cup holders, so you no longer have to frantically search for sunglasses, your aux cord, or spare coins at the drive-through. Available at The Container Store; $10.99.

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  6. Beverage Organizer

    Fridge Monkey

    Sometimes it only takes a bump for a tidy stack of soda cans to come tumbling out of the fridge. If there's any tool that promises to more to promote a tumble-free fridge, it may be the Fridge Monkey. The grooved, rubber mat grips bottles and cans, keeping them in place until you need them. Available at The Container Store; $6.99.

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  7. Attractive Wall Mirror

    Arch Wall Mirror

    You don’t have to sacrifice on style to maintain an impeccably organized home. Increasingly, The Container Store offers furniture that comes with neat and tidy storage solutions. Case in point: the iron-framed Arch Wall Mirror, whose built-in mini shelf makes it a versatile piece perfect for any casual, contemporary bathroom, mudroom, or hall. It’ll look good with the rest of your decor while still being a convenient spot to leave belongings. Available at The Container Store ; $65.

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  8. Garage Solution with Drawers

    Garage Solution with Drawers

    If you're like a lot of other homeowners, you harbor fantasies of a clean, orderly garage—and you merely tolerate the reality of it being a dusty, jumbled stew, packed full of crumbled cardboard boxes, outdoor tools, and random, half-forgotten junk. Organization starts here. After all, you can't hope for a more useful, better looking garage until you've equipped the space with storage basics like this. Made of heavy-duty steel (and powder coated to prevent rust), the Garage Solution with Drawers provides a convenient, durable catchall storage solution for just about everything. Available at The Container Store; $258.90.

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  9. Kitchen Wrap Storage

    Kitchen Wrap Organizer

    Bulky boxes of aluminum foil, parchment paper, and plastic bags create unruly kitchen clutter, and the dispensers are difficult to access when shoved into pantries or cabinets. A solution like the YouCopia White StoreMore Adjustable Wrap Organizer let you fight back against clutter and streamline your space. The adjustable rack holds six boxes for smarter storage and maximal convenience. Grabbing a Ziplock baggie has never been easier! Available at The Container Store; $14.99.

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  10. Smart Umbrella

    Smart Umbrella

    Umbrellas have been used to keep the rain off our backs for hundreds of years, and despite their imperfections, today's modern versions looks little different than the umbrellas of old. Perhaps it's right that this everyday item is ripe for innovation—and that's what makes this smart umbrella a minor marvel. With the pole set off to the side, the canopy provides more overhang to keep you and your daily carry clear of the downpour. True, one little change won't completely revolutionize an ages-old accessory but it might make your commute a little drier. Available at The Container Store; $17.99.

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