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10 Viral Gift Ideas Every TikTok Addict Will Love

If you know someone who relishes a good trend, these gifts for obsessives may just do the trick.

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“Consider me influenced” is a phrase that’s music to any content curator’s ears. As an influencer myself, I’m always excited when people ask me about my fashion, fitness, home design, travel, or cooking. Influencers work so hard and in so many innovative ways to inspire their audience. TV advertisements used to be the influencers du jour, but now it’s all about platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

If you have people on your gift list who love scrolling through their social channels, scouring hashtags for their current obsessions, listen up! The hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit is an influencing gold mine where you can find pretty much anything that’s gone viral. To help jump-start your holiday shopping, we’ve compiled a list of 10 viral TikTok products to gift this year, including frivolous yet fascinating finds like a giant throw blanket that resembles a tortilla as well as miracle cleaning products, innovative kitchen tools, and even a blow-up hot tub!

Car Detailing Gel

If the TikTok addict in your life has a car in desperate need of a dusting, Ticarve’s gel is a perfect gift. An affordable alternative to car detailing, the gel easily wiggles its way into hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, working like putty to pick up dust, debris, hair, crumbs, and more.

Get Ticarve Car Cleaning Gel on Amazon for $6.99

Touchscreen Smart Toaster

For folks on your list who geek out over high-tech appliances, gift them this two-slice toaster with a color touch screen. They’ll love showing it off on TikTok and boasting about its five food settings, three toasting modes, and seven browning levels.

Get the Revolution InstaGLO® R180 Toaster on Amazon for $279.95

Burrito Blanket

The homebody TikTok addict will go nuts over this hilarious giant double-sided tortilla blanket. All wrapped up like a burrito as they scroll their social media channels, they’ll delight in its realistic appearance and revel in its coziness.

Get the burrito blanket on Amazon for $28.99

Inflatable Hot Tub

When you buy this gift for a deserving pal, you’re sure to get invited over for a hot tub session! The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa is the ultimate present for the person who loves to relax while entertaining. The four-seater inflates within minutes and features a rapid heating system, massage jets, and even a cushioned floor. What’s not to love?

Get the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub on Amazon for $599.99

The Pink Stuff

Your clean-freak friend is bound to break this product out and put it to use as soon as it’s out of the box. This miracle cleaning paste will slough away grime and stains on saucepans, ceramic tiles, sinks, copper, and more. (Don’t believe us? See our review of The Pink Stuff.)

Get the Pink Stuff on Amazon for $8.99

Whole-Bottle Wineglass

Bottoms up, wine lovers! This 34-ounce wineglass can hold a full bottle of the good stuff. Whether used as a gag gift, for a drinking game, or just to save time between pours, this large and in charge wineglass will get the job done.

Get the extra large wine glass on Amazon for $12.99

Kaleidoscope Window Film

Apartment dwellers know all too well what it’s like to be stuck with outdated aesthetics, an uninspiring view, or a lack of privacy. This static-cling window film can help correct all these shortcomings and more, and it’s the best-ever gift for that TikTok addict friend who’s the constant target of the neighbor’s wandering eye. It’s a stylish addition to the home too.

Get the Volcanics window film on Amazon starting at $7.99

LED Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Holder

TikTok addicts working to grow their presence on the platform will be pleasantly surprised by this thoughtful gift. The ring light features a Bluetooth remote control, a compact tripod stand that extends up to 50 inches, and an easy-to-use touch pad in the front for brightness and color options.

Get the UBeesize LED ring light with stand on Amazon for $35.99

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

The kitchen tool no one knew they needed, this magnet can be a real game changer for the friend who loves TikTok, or for anyone who’s ever accidentally tossed dirty utensils in with the clean ones. The clear design brings an organized aesthetic to the kitchen while letting everyone in the household know whether the dishes are clean or dirty.

Get the Clean/Dirty dishwasher magnet on Amazon for $7.97

Milk Frother

Move over, $5 lattes from your favorite coffee shop. This milk frother is all you need to give your java a thick, creamy top. Just pour your milk of choice into a creamer or other small container, then effortlessly whip it into foamy perfection. Pour the frothy milk over a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and enjoy your delicious homemade latte.

Get the PowerLix milk frother on Amazon for $15.99