11 "Neat" Garage Storage Solutions

Is your garage a haven or a horror? Too often, we just shut the door and forget it when we walk into the house. But it’s so much easier to keep a garage organized if there are places to put things away. Our garages are full of tools, sports equipment, gardening and lawn paraphernalia, and hopefully, the family car. Start your garage organization by utilizing every surface— floor, wall, and ceiling space. Shelves, racks, and cabinets can help you efficiently use wall space. Pulley systems can lift bikes, skis, and other things right up to the ceiling, so they’re out of the way until you need them. Whether you decide to use individual units, or an entire garage organization system, you’ll enjoy having a place for everything, and everything in its place. Take a look at some of the best garage storage ideas we’ve found on the web. You might actually park your car in the garage now!

  1. Customizable Wall Rack

    Wall Solutions Pack

    A solution with built-in flexibility, the GearTrack Channels system from Gladiator Garageworks includes eight linear feet of storage space along with assorted hooks, so you can arrange your tools and sports gear however you wish. Available at Amazon; $39.99.


  2. Overhead Storage Solution

    Overhead Storage Rack

    This industrial-strength rack attaches to the ceiling, maximizing unused vertical space. Ideal for stashing off-season gear and other infrequently used items, the racks come in a range of sizes up to 4' x 8'. Available at Amazon; $174.99 (4' x 8').


  3. Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

    Ceiling Bike Hoist

    Raise and store your bike, kayak, or extension ladder using the same principles you would use to raise and lower a mini blind. The smooth pulley system has a secure mechanism to prevent accidental release. Available at Amazon; $23.15.


  4. Colored Metal Pegboard

    Colored Metal Pegboard

    Ten times stronger than conventional pegboard, these sturdy steel panels combine with bins, hooks, brackets and shelves to organize your tools and miscellaneous garage gear. Choose from multiple colors, each with a scratch- and rust-resistant finish. Available at Amazon; $110.33 (for three 32" x 16" panels and assorted hardware).


  5. Commercial Bin Rack

    Bin Rack

    Over a dozen durable bins make this a convenient spot to house odds and ends. Each bin slides out easily, locks in place, and can be subdivided with optional dividers. Available at Amazon; $149.98.


  6. Three-Bin Athletics Sorter

    Sports Equipment Storage

    This clever triple-bin solution sorts and stores your sports equipment, and while its mesh design allows your equipment to breathe, each removable bag can be hauled away to practice, the laundry room, or on a road trip. Available at Amazon; $47.24.


  7. Garden Tool Rack

    Garden Tool Storage

    A series of hooks allows you to store up to 20 garden tools, including shovels or hose, with ease. Made by Monkey Bars Storage, the hardworking steel rack carries a lifetime warranty. Available at Amazon; $99.00.


  8. Ball Claw

    Ball Claw

    Mount this kid-friendly injection-molded plastic grip almost anywhere to keep sports balls secure until game time. Four different styles accommodate basketballs, soccer balls, footballs or volleyballs. Hang alone or in rows to create a fun display. Available at Amazon; $11.83 (for basketball model).


  9. Power Tool Holder

    Power Tool Holder

    A handy addition to the popular FastTrack Garage Storage System from Rubbermaid, this power tool holder gets bulky equipment off the floor, saving space and, thanks to its soft-grip coating, protecting your equipment from nicks and scratches. Available at Amazon; $8.56.


  10. Modular Storage System

    Utility Shelving

    Adjustable components enable you to create a tailor-made solution. Products include ventilated shelves and shelf baskets, smooth-gliding drawers for smaller items, and numerous utility hooks and holders. Available at The Container Store; $1,111.31 or $1,389.14 (DIY or professionally installed).


  11. FlowWall 6-Piece Cabinet Set

    FlowWall 6-Piece Cabinet Set

    One of several cabinet sets, this all-purpose workstation consists of panels, a work surface, tall and short cabinets, soft bins and multiple hooks. Finish choices include a wide range, from silver to maple. Available at FlowWall; $1,299.99.


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