12 Storage Solutions for the Utility Closet

You won’t believe how much space your utility closet has when all of the items are neatly organized.

Your Utility Closet is Begging for TLC

utility closet storage solutions

The utility closet is an often overlooked opportunity for organization. But with the plethora of functions the items in it serve in your home, like mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and ironing, it makes sense you’d want to give those items proper storage that’s crisp and clean.

Rather than rummaging through your utility closet every time you need something, introduce innovative storage solutions like the 12 we’ve outlined here. You won’t believe how easy it is to find everything, and how nice all your hard-working products will look situated nicely on shelves, racks, hooks, and more.


Tower Organizer

tower organizer utility closet

This tower organizer is the “glow up” your utility closet deserves. The design allows you to easily adjust two of the five shelves to accommodate items of varying sizes. Free up the ground by storing your broom, mop and dustpan on the five-peg rack. Available at Home Depot; $165.99.

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Over-the-Door Organizer

over door storage rack

This multi-use storage solution is great for holding smaller items in your utility closet. The five-tier design hangs over the door, so you can preserve floor space for larger items. It also features adjustable shelving to accommodate different sized items. Available on Amazon; $29.97.


Rolling Rack for Cleaning Tools

rolling rack cleaning tools

This rack is great for easily maneuvering items from your utility closet to different parts of the home. The cart can hold up to 10 large tools and 12 small tools, like a vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan and more, so you can keep everything organized without having to pull them individually out of the closet, creating more work later. Available on Amazon; $109.99.


Mop and Broom Holder

mop broom holder

If your utility closet needs nothing more than a simple place to store your mop and broom, this holder has your name on it. The 4-inch depth keeps the damp mop away from the wall, so you can stop it from rotting and keep your walls clear of potential water damage. Available at Wayfair; $70.99.

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Tension Rod Shelves

tension rods utility closet organizer

This adjustable storage shelf rack is great for utilizing empty wall space. The easy-to-install design requires no tools, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the walls in your utility closet. Cleaning supplies like spray bottles, boxes of sponges, gloves, and more are ideal for storing on the shelves. Available on Amazon; $34.78.


Pull-Out Drawers

pull out organizer utility closet

These closet baskets allow you to easily access items while keeping them organized. The heavy gauge wire construction and full extension ball bearing system allows you to easily open and close the drawers. Meanwhile, the sleek design offers a stylish attribute to your utility closet. Available at Wayfair; $73.99.


Ironing Organizer

ironing organizer utility closet

Storing ironing supplies can take up a lot of space. This organizer offers such items a place to neatly reside in your utility closet. The ironing organizer features two storage hooks for standard boards, along with a steel wire basket for your iron. Available on Amazon; $22.99.


Hardware Organizer

compartment organizer utility closet

Hardware thrown in a junk drawer takes up space and is easy to misplace. Instead, add storage for such items to your utility closet with this organizer. It can be stacked or mounted on the wall, and features eight small and four large dividable drawers. Available on Amazon; $24.92.

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Easy-to-Install Lighting

lights utility closet

If storage shelves, drawers, or just the utility closet itself need better lighting, add more with this easy-to-install option. This two-pack features rechargeable, dimmable LED lights, and the motion sensor ensures all your items are within sight as soon as you open the door or drawers. Available on Amazon; $23.99.

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Simple Storage Rack

simple shelf organizer utility closet

Store an array of items on this heavy duty storage rack. The straightforward shelving unit features a sleek design while offering five shelves, each capable of holding up to 350 pounds. It’s a great way to free up room in your utility closet and take advantage of vertical space. Available on Amazon; $65.29.


Stylish Bins

stylish storage baskets utility closet

Add a hint of style to your utility closet with these contemporary storage bins. Store items like rags, towels, blankets and more in the Nordic baskets. The optional bamboo lids allow you to stack your baskets neatly. To easily pinpoint what’s in each bin, use a dry erase marker to label them, wiping off and re-labeling when needed. Available at The Container Store; $7.99 to $9.99 each.

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Bag Dispenser

bag dispenser utility closet

Don’t let bulky bag boxes take up unnecessary space in your utility closet. Instead, use this innovative bag dispenser. Simply stack your bags within the dispenser, and quickly pull them out when needed. Available on Amazon; $13.99.

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