13 No-Fail Small Space Solutions

Space is a limited resource in many homes, and figuring out how to make the most of it is no easy task. These 13 surefire tactics will show you how to use smart design tricks, organization strategies, and color cues to make every inch count in your small space.

  1. Make It Multifunctional

    Home Office Storage

    Make your room multifunctional by carving out distinct zones for various functions. Here, a lofted bed hides atop a closet unit, combining two important bedroom necessities into one and leaving the rest of the available space free to serve as an office area.

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  2. Swap Your Doors

    Sliding Barn Door

    Traditional doors require a significant footprint to allow for their swing. Consider swapping traditional French doors for sliding doors, and your small space will feel more open. This slider hangs from a valance just under the ceiling. As a bonus, its subtle blue shade adds a pop of color to the space.

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  3. Get Leggy

    Slim Furniture

    Furniture that’s upholstered all the way to the floor can swallow up a room fast. In a small space, opt for open pieces that are supported by slim legs—they will feel lighter and airier. The more floor you can see, the bigger the room feels.

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  4. Add an Unexpected Element

    Painting Window Trim

    Emphasize whatever assets your small space has by creating unexpected but eye-pleasing focal points. This room highlights multiple showstoppers, including the statement-making floor pattern and pops of color on the window trim. It's the climbing plant on the wall, however, that steals the show, drawing the eye upward to make the space feel bigger.

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  5. Mix Storage with Decor

    Bedroom Shelves

    Make practical shelving pretty by mixing decorative elements with items that need to be stored. These shelves house everyday objects that are camouflaged by colorful accessories, adding elevated style to an otherwise ordinary organization staple. 

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  6. Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

    White Bedrooms

    Purge any furniture that you don’t absolutely need in a small space, and find creative ways to replace its functionality. This diminutive bedroom easily does without a side table by mounting a reading lamp to the wall and using a deep window ledge for bedside storage.

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  7. Try Open Storage

    Open Shelving

    Open shelving visually fills less space than closed cabinets, and is a great way to display collections of favorite dishware, cookbooks, or other kitchen necessities. The only catch is to keep them neat—otherwise they might end up adding clutter to your room instead of calm. 

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  8. Choose a Color Theme

    Color Theme

    Use a cohesive color theme to unify decor in a small space. Consistent pops of blue and black add energy to this white palette, giving the room a streamlined and visually organized feel.

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    flickr.com / via coco+kelley

  9. Expand with Mirrors

    How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

    It’s a go-to design trick because it works: Hang mirrors in a small room to make it feel lighter and brighter. And don’t be afraid to use more than one! While you might want to avoid placing them directly across from one another, combining wall mirrors with mirrored furniture is a great way to make a small space feel larger.

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  10. Loft Your Bed

    Loft Beds

    Raising your sleeping quarters allows you to use floor space in other functional ways, such as for additional furniture or organization pieces. With the bed out of the way, this room uses floor space mainly for barrier-free lounging and living.

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  11. Consider Sky-High Storage

    Small Bedroom Idea

    Utilize every inch of vertical space and make the room feel more open by incorporating tall cabinets or stacked shelves into your space. Keep decorative accessories on top shelves, and fill the lower ones with items that are used frequently but still need to be stored.


  12. Clear Your Space

    Dining Room Set

    Furniture made of lucite or glass will virtually disappear to the eye. A small space can benefit from that transparency—what once felt cluttered and clunky will instead feel airy and light.

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  13. Play with Height and Proportion

    Small Space Seating

    Varying the height of seating can help you get more out of a small space. Floor pillows, ottomans, poufs, or even kids' furniture mixed in with the rest of the design can help a small room accommodate a crowd.

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