14 White Rooms We Love

Alabaster, linen, bone.... As anyone who’s ever perused a display of paint samples knows, white paint is sold in an astounding variety of shades. That’s because there’s no more useful color for interior design: Clean white walls make small spaces larger and dreary rooms cheerier, and they serve as flattering backdrops for artwork, furnishings, and architectural details. Here, we’ve collected 14 ways to get it right with white in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, and more.

  1. Crisp-Contrast Bedroom

    White bedroom

    Zillow Digs home in Laguna Beach, CA

    Black and white may be the most timeless color scheme there is—a look that dates back to ancient Greece isn’t going out of style anytime soon. In this bedroom, the high-contrast duo gets a modern update with brown accents from fabric and furniture.

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  2. Sweet and Simple Bathroom

    White bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Springfield, MO

    In this fresh, breezy bathroom, less is much more. A snowy coat on walls, woodwork, and ceilings, matched to white fixtures and textiles, makes this minuscule full bath seem luxurious and less confined.

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  3. Woodsy White Living Room

    Rustic white living room

    Zillow Digs home in Thousand Oaks, CA

    While hewing to a simple palette, this white living room gets plenty of character from its planked walls and carefully curated wooden accessories, such as the antique wood ring wall decoration, vintage frames, and rustic occasional tables, all in harmonious browns.

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  4. Clean-Lined Dining Room

    White dining room

    Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

    For an open, urban dining area, a pared-down Scandinavian style works perfectly. The pale wood dining chairs and table look right at home against spotless white walls and bookshelves. The calming austerity lets the city views outside the expansive windows play the starring role.

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  5. Warm White Bedroom

    Warm white bedroom

    Zillow Digs home in Salt Lake City, UT

    Creamy whites with a touch of gold add a sense of comfort to this luxe bedroom. Style is layered on with antiques in toasty wood tones and pops of bright lime green.

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  6. High-Drama Storage Wall

    Black and white bedroom

    Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

    Adding charisma and a huge dose of functionality, the glossy black built-ins, dramatically trimmed with white, make this master bedroom stand out from the pack. Fresh white walls complement the lustrous piece and provide a background for a sophisticated display of black-and-white photos.

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  7. Bold Black-Accented Bedroom

    Black accent master bedroom

    Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

    In this multitasking room, the different looks and textures of the two rugs help define sitting and sleeping zones, though both rugs work within the same color palette. The intriguing shapes of the headboard and wall hangings make a graphic impact showcased against the sparkling white walls.

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  8. Kitchen With Copper Tones

    White kitchen

    Zillow Digs home in Newport Beach, CA

    The all-white kitchen is certainly an on-trend choice, but it’s also a classic look that works in just about any style home. Here’s a gorgeous example, with gleaming counters, cabinets accented by drawer pulls, and accessories in warm metallic finishes.

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  9. Sleek, Color-Accented Kitchen

    Modern white kitchen

    Zillow Digs home in San Francisco, CA

    In this take on a white kitchen, crisp counters and cabinets are offset by a dark tile backsplash and attention-grabbing red stools. Walls painted white with a hint of gray play well with the tiles and stainless steel appliances.

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  10. Streamlined Dining Space

    White library dining room

    Zillow Digs home in New York, NY

    White-on-white looks totally right in this ultracool dining area. Bleached wood floors pick up on the scheme, and a wall of bookshelves lends plenty of texture and color.

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  11. Mix-and-Match Bath

    White tiled bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Zionsville, IN

    Black and white tiles, rendered in classic squares and hexagons, let this bathroom benefit from clever contrasts of both color and shape. Sharp-lined white fixtures and neutral-toned accessories complete the look without competing with the tiles’ style.

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  12. Detailed Dining Room

    White dining room green fireplace

    Zillow Digs home in Berkeley, CA

    A pale background is a foolproof choice for a home blessed with eye-catching architectural details. In this dining room, the gorgeous emerald-green stove surround gains modern appeal against brilliant white-painted woodwork and white walls with a green undertone.

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  13. Splash-of-Color Kitchen

    Teal and white kitchen


    In this happy kitchen, immaculate white cabinets get a huge infusion of energy from the bright blue backsplash, which is actually a coat of paint brushed over dated brown tiles. For a hit of style, the homeowner opted for brass drawer pulls and geometric succulent planters.

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  14. Waterfront White Entry

    White entryway


    For a lighthearted welcome in the front hall of this lakeside cottage, walls are painted linen white and pale blue. The practical jute mat and vintage paddles underscore the vacation mind-set.

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