21 Address Numbers to Count On for Curb Appeal

Giving your home's exterior an update with new house numbers is as easy as 1-2-3.

House Numbers Multiply Your Property's Curb Appeal

address numbers curb appeal

Address numbers do more than identify your home: They give it personality, style, and, sometimes, a facelift. Classic, modern, country—no matter the style, there’s a set of numbers out there that fit. Beyond style, remember to think about size, color, and mounting options. And, of course, the street address should fit in an attractive spot and should be visible from the road. In the end, these little numbers add the final touch of character to the home’s facade.



address numbers modern

Whether you have a modern house or one that's more traditional, Design Within Reach’s Neutra house numbers are a classic choice. They are based on the Neutraface font family of Richard Neutra, a prominent and influential mid-century architect. Numbers are constructed of weather- and corrosion-resistant aluminum material. 

Get Neutra Modern House Numbers at DWR for $25.50 each.



address numbers nautical

Capture a hint of nautical flair with the Chartwell address plaque from the Whitehall Store on Amazon. Featuring a braided rope border design, the oval plaque is made of hand-cast aluminum with a weather-resistant, baked-on finish in a selection of ten colors and metallic finishes. 

Get the Whitehall Custom Chartwell Standard Address Plaque at Amazon for $94.49.

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address numbers mission

If Mission decor is more your style, Atlas Homewares offers a collection of Art Deco-inspired, aged bronze numbers made of brass. Mission style mixes well with contemporary and modern designs, helping to create an appealing blend of decorative flavors. 

Get the Atlas Homewares Aged Bronze Mission House Numbers at Amazon for $17.91 each.



address numbers ceramic

Ceramic tiles, like these from Kantu, can offer a warm and Spanish flair to your front door area. Going ceramic also means that you'll have the opportunity for personalization, as many companies offer customized plaques along with special accent designs.

Get the Kantu Aragaon Ceramic Tile Address Numbers at Amazon for $7.11 each.



address number wildlife

Cabela’s offers a range of handsome wall plaques featuring wildlife, game birds, and hunting dogs that give off a cabin-esque vibe. The number signs are made of hand-cast aluminum and painted with a weather-resistant finish in black and gold.

Get the Whitehall Personalized Wildlife Address Wall Mount at Cabela's for $99.99.



address numbers southwestern

These hammered cast iron numbers from TripDock have a natural, baked-in-the-sun look and rustic appeal. The numbers’ earthy tone complements any home with a Southwestern desert motif. 

Get the TripDock Rustic Cast Iron Home Address Numbers at Amazon for $7.25 each.


Solar Powered

address numbers lit

Illuminated number signs can be viewed from the driveway or beyond, making it easy to for guests and delivery drivers to find your home after dark. This version from Etsy seller Designed by Rich is sleek, solar powered and hard to miss. 

Get the Designed by Rich Solar Modern Personalized Floating Address Sign on Etsy, priced from $131.33.

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address numbers classic

These house numbers from RCH Supply Company have a classic look that makes them suitable for modern and traditional homes alike. Available in antique nickel, oil bronzed black, polished bronze, polished chrome, or satin chrome, the numbers can be flush-mounted. 

Get the RCH Supply Company 3-Inch Brass Surface Mount House Number at Wayfair for $10.39.


Address Rock

address numbers rock

Realistic looking and available in two shades and two sizes, Comfort House’s address rock is made from recycled materials that are impact- and weather-resistant. Because the fake rock is hollow inside, it can serve double duty by concealing unsightly items and junctions, such as pipes, meters, and stumps. 

Get the Address Rock With House Number at Comfort House for $179.99.

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Weathered Wood

address numbers articial wood

Do you have a vacation cottage on the beach, or want your home to feel like your very own getaway? Weathered by Robert's wood plaque gives your home the "been here for ages, and will be for many more" look, and works just as well on cedar- shingled Cape as it does on a classic Colonial. Fourteen inches high by 8 inches wide.

Get the Weathered by Robert Wood Address Number Plaque at Etsy for $34.



address numbers stoneware

These handcrafted house numbers from Etsy seller Ravenstone Handcrafts are about 4 inches high and available in a choice of styles and colors. Made of durable stoneware, they are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and resist heat, cold, and moisture. Mount them separately or frame them together to make an architectural statement. 

Get the Ravenstone Handcrafts Single Digit Ceramic House Number at Etsy for $45.



address numbers backlit

A contemporary backlit glow makes these address numbers visible from up to 100 feet away, and help light your entry area. The mounting gives the numbers a floating effect that’s distinctly modern, too. They have three mounting options to work with different home designs and electrical outlet availability. 

Get the PRO-DF 5-Inch Floating Mount House Number at Wayfair for $38.21.

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address numbers self adhesive

If DIY doesn’t fall in the list of your skills, a self-adhesive house number might do the trick. Stick these elegant numerals from Streamline Design on your door and top them off with a decorative wreath or swag, and your entry is guest ready in an afternoon.

Get the Streamline Design Vinyl House Door Numbers on Etsy, priced from $9.95.


Midcentury Script

address numbers midcentury script

For a dramatic statement, why not spell out your address as words, instead of using numerals? These script address “numbers” give your home some personality in a neighborhood of cookie-cutter homes. Made from a fade-resistant plastic, we love the midcentury-meets-The Jetsons vibe they bring to your door. These numbers might take up a bit more space on the house, but the impact they make is well worth it!

Get the Go Home Numbers Midcentury Cursive House Numbers on Etsy, priced from $8. 


Clean and Classic

address numbers marine grade

Mica Design Crafts' address plaque is made from marine-grade HDPE plastic and is resistant to both humidity and water. Though it's super easy to clean and durable, the selling point for us is its clean, classic look, which will look sharp on any style of dwelling.

Get the Mica Design Crafts Address Plaque at Etsy, priced from $17.50.

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Regal Metal Plate

address numbers cast aluminum

Ideal for homeowners who fancy historic homes and Victorian literature, this bespoke cast aluminum address plate looks like it was ripped from the threshold of 221B Baker Street. Hand painted in enamel in your choice of colors, the plaque measures 8 inches high by 10 inches wide.

Get the Jonesnco House Plaque from Etsy for $106.72.


Lighted Vertical

address numbers lighted vertical

Lighted vertical house numbers like these make the address more visible if the home isn’t right on the street. These numbers from SUNGATH use solar power to stay bright all year long. Measures just over 4 inches wide, with a lighted area of about 16.5 inches long. 

Get the SUNGATH Solar Lighted House Numbers on Amazon for $35.99.

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Planter Box

address number planter box

These planter box house numbers pull double duty, marking the home with the address and adding a touch of greenery to the facade. Just right for green thumbs who have run out of pots (and space in their raised beds), these boxes are made of 14-gauge steel. The numbers are magnets and can be moved to accommodate your plants as they grow.

Get the Modern Aspect Weather Resistant Steel Address Planter at Etsy, priced from $105.


Reclaimed Wood

address numbers reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood has become the quickest way to incorporate rustic pieces into modern design. This plaque from Etsy seller Made With Beer in Hand is available in a variety of warm and inviting stain colors; the plaque is topped by modern-typeface numbers that make the piece work with a variety of architectural styles. 

Get the Made With Beer in Hand House Number Sign at Etsy, priced from $40.

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address numbers copper

Etsy seller Georgie Girl Studios calls this dragonfly-accented address plate "the finishing touch for your Craftsman home or Bungalow," and we're inclined to agree. The slate plaque is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches, and the numbers are made of a rust-resistant composite metal. As dragonflies symbolize new beginnings, this would be a great gift for a new homeowner.

Get the Georgie Girl Studios Craftsman Dragonfly Address Plaque on Etsy for $135.


Architecture Inspired

address numbers architecture inspired

Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style influenced these brass house numbers. A hand finish gives the surface an attractive texture. They’re available in satin nickel or antique copper and approximately 4 inches high.

Get the Kaufmann Brass Floating Mount House Number on Etsy for $17.20 each.


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