21 Totally Free Ways to Upgrade Your Home

The greatest things in life are free—and home design is no exception. From frugal furniture to discount decor, these 21 DIY projects are sure to transform your humble home into an unforgettable abode without putting a dent in your wallet.

  1. Cut a Rug

    DIY Rag Rug

    Have a few old T-shirts or cotton knits lying around? Cut them into strips, braid them in alternating colors, and sew them together with a zigzag stitch into a circular or oval rug to transform these humble hand-me-downs into a pocket-friendly pick-me-up for bare floors.

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  2. Lead the Charge

    DIY Charging Station

    This cut-rate charging station offers a truly off-the-wall idea for charging tech with unruly cords. By assembling free pallet wood boards, staining the construction, and adhering a vintage crate label to the front, you can power all your wired gizmos—and make them look wireless!

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  3. Looking Good On Paper

    DIY Paper Bag Lamp

    Choosing paper grocery bags over plastic is as good for your home environment as the outdoor environment. When folded like origami, threaded with yarn, and hung indoors alongside a pendant chord, the resulting luminous lamp is sure to leave you and your home beaming.

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  4. Sweeten the Pot-pourri

    DIY Stovetop Potpourri

    If you can’t stomach the scent of store-bought, synthetic potpourri, swap it for this frugal, all-natural equivalent. When simmered over the stove, vanilla, bay leaves, rosemary, and fresh oranges make for an oh-so-sweet but subtle air freshener for the whole home.

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  5. Plant an Idea

    DIY Plant Markers

    Can’t tell the parsley from the parsnips in your container garden? Using an X-Acto knife, shave the bark from the top of a small branch. On the stripped wood, scrawl the plant name in marker, and then stick the twig into the matching planter to instantly identify your homegrown horticulture.

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  6. Big Picture View

    DIY Miniature Greenhouse

    This miniature greenhouse terrarium will have you seeing green without forking over any cash. The base and roof—constructed from picture frames that are spray painted, hot-glued together, and reinforced with duct tape—come together into a picture-perfect paradise for plants.

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  7. Bed and Board

    DIY Pallet Swing Bed

    This dreamy pallet wood swing bed offers a durable, budget alternative to fabric hammocks. To take a swing at this project, assemble free pallet wood boards into a bed frame hung from a tree with rope. Then, place a spare mattress atop the frame, adorning it with cushions to bring the comforts of home outdoors.

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  8. All Over the Map

    DIY Map Walls

    If your drab walls lack purpose and style, give them a new direction—literally—with this DIY geographic-inspired wallpaper. When tacked to drywall with push pins, old world maps meet with new world sophistication to elevate the ambiance of any interior.

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  9. Votive Motive

    DIY Candle Votives

    The perfect solution for lighting a small indoor or outdoor space, these DIY candle holders are made from glass jars that have been tinted with Mod Podge, water, and food coloring. After setting the tint in the oven, use paint pens to add fanciful, custom patterns to the luminaries.

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  10. Earn Your Stripes

    Washi tape doorway

    Homes of all stripes could lift this washi tape idea to create a striped entryway door. The banded pattern, created by adhering alternating colors of washi tape and painter’s tape along the doorway ledge, is as easy to install as it is to remove.

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  11. Reinvent the Wheel

    DIY Wheelbarrow Table

    As useful as they are outdoors for lawn and garden projects, wheelbarrows are equally effective—and even a little elegant—indoors. When topped with a pre-assembled sheet of wooden slats, the backyard barrow transitions into a mobile coffee table for the living room.

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  12. Stepped-Up Style

    DIY Ladder Pot Rack

    Still stashing pots and pans at heights you have to climb a ladder to reach? By situating a ladder horizontally, and hanging it from dependable ceiling hooks, you can upcycle it into a pot rack. The ladder rungs, cleverly adorned with S-hooks, let you hang or remove cookware with ease.

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  13. It’s a Wrap

    Wrapping paper as wallpaper

    Give small spaces the gift of looking bigger, bolder, and more beautiful with a leftover roll of wrapping paper. Using washi tape, stick precut wrapping paper panels to back walls in the kitchenette, laundry area, or office nook to create an atmosphere of play in these hardworking spaces.

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  14. Any Way You Slice It

    Tree Slice Shelf

    These slice-of-life shelves offer an easy-to-build and even easier on the wallet alternative to traditional open shelves. After mounting L-brackets to pre-cut wood slices, secure the shelves to the wall with screws. For an even more rustic finish, line the shelves with cork-topped bottles.

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  15. Re-routed Router

    DIY Router Box

    You can’t judge a book by its cover—least of all this homemade hardback for storing bulky tech. To create one of your own, pull a vintage book from the shelf, remove its pages, and then bend the spine. Tuck your router under the cover to make a stylish signal even when you’re offline.

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  16. Crate Minds

    DIY Crate Shelves

    With a bit of roughening up, you can turn dime-a-dozen wooden crates into one-of-a-kind book shelves. Sand the crates, ding them with a hammer, and stain them before sealing this kid-friendly furniture. Add metal angles at the corners to give it a polished look and round off the rough edges.

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  17. One Fine Sway

    DIY porch swing made from a repurposed door

    A rickety old door and an antique table might seem destined for the junkyard—until you assemble them into this pretty porch swing. The door forms the back support, while the tabletop acts as a luxurious, distressed seat with armrests fashioned from table legs and leg braces.

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  18. Down to the Wire

    DIY Wire Coat Rack

    To hang your spring jackets in style, use pliers to bend one piece of heavy wire into a custom message, and another into a coat rack with hooks. After wrapping the two wire frames with colored telephone wire, combine them into one crafty catch-all.

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  19. Cat Out of the Bottle

    DIY Cat Planter

    Don’t recycle your empty soda bottles; upcycle them into these fun, feline flower pots. Shear off the bottle tops into a cat-like shape, then spray paint them and draw on a friendly face to create a fertile bed of soil in which growing plants can take a cat nap!

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