7 Advantages of a Zoned Climate-Control System

When it comes to cooling and heating their homes, homeowners often face a difficult choice: They can either keep their home at a comfortable temperature, or cut corners to try and save money on utility bills. That’s because, with outdated, traditional cooling and heating systems, they can rarely do both at once. The good news is that recent innovations now offer a suite of alternatives to traditional cooling and heating approaches. Many of the most exciting 21st-century options excel precisely where traditional forced-air systems fall short. Instead of settling for a system that takes an inefficient, underwhelming, one-size-fits-all approach, you can opt for a zoned system—that is, one that makes it possible to target temperatures on a room-by-room basis. For example, Mitsubishi Electric’s finely tuned and fully customizable Zoned Comfort Solutions™ are so groundbreaking that they may even change your mind about what climate control means and the possibilities it can offer in your home. Intrigued? Click through now to learn how Zoned Comfort Solutions increase comfort and reduce costs!

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  1. Complete Customization

    Complete Customization

    In a traditional system, one thermostat controls the temperature for the entire home. So, if you want to cool or heat one room, you have to cool or heat every room – even the unoccupied ones. There are two big downsides with this approach: all-or-nothing climate control wastes a lot of energy dollars and centralized temperature leaves little room for customizing comfort by zone. This isn’t the case with zoned technology. With Zoned Comfort Solutions, you can focus climate control solely where you need it and in the process save a considerable sum on utility bills. Plus, this technology allows people with different temperature preferences to customize their space to their liking—no more thermostat wars!


  2. Monthly Energy Savings

    Monthly Energy Savings

    You can count on efficient performance from Zoned Comfort Solutions because they omit the most inefficient aspect of traditional cooling and heating: the way these systems cycle on and off. By stopping and starting in a cyclical pattern, traditional forced-air systems devour energy. In contrast, systems like Zoned Comfort Solutions conserve energy by matching their output to the climate-control demand at any given time. In fact, by running continuously, at variable speeds, Zoned Comfort Solutions can save you up to 40 percent on cooling and heating—a meaningful margin given that in the average home heating and cooling often ranks as one of the largest monthly costs of homeownership.


  3. Easy, Unobtrusive Installation

    Easy, Unobtrusive Installation

    In the past, upgrading to a new climate-control system might have been a huge hassle, but in the 21st century, it really doesn't have to be. Retrofitting a typical forced-air system could take weeks to install, but, depending on the scope of the project, installing a zoned system from Mitsubishi Electric can take as little as a day. Even better, the process requires almost no changes to your home, because the components are connected by a pair of slim refrigerant lines. Additionally, Zoned Comfort Solutions are remarkably compact, taking up only a fraction of the space of a cumbersome traditional system.


  4. A Two-for-One Deal

    A Two-for-One Deal

    Homeowners are accustomed to thinking of cooling and heating as distinct operations, an air conditioner and a furnace, but many of today's best zoned systems are capable of delivering both. With Mitsubishi Electric you can rely on one streamlined, comprehensive system to keep your home comfortable all year round. In the summer, Zoned Comfort Solutions take heat from the home and deposit it outdoors. In the winter, the operation reverses, with Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heat® technology warming the home, even on days as cold as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply put, you can capitalize on the benefits of zoned climate control whether you live in a region with extreme heat, extreme cold or both.


  5. A Breath of Fresh Air

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Believe it or not, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air often contains more toxins than the air outside the home. Traditional forced-air systems only aggravate the problem due to their reliance on complicated ductwork, which often collects and distributes dust and other particles throughout the home. Fortunately, newer technologies can help mitigate these issues. For instance, Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions' multistage filtration system can remove airborne contaminants, limiting the spread of viruses, bacteria, and odors within a household. They also offer shorter duct runs than other competitors of cooling and heating options, which creates fewer opportunities for the airborne contaminants to gather. This means that you get to enjoy a home environment that's not only noticeably more comfortable, but also healthier for you and your family.


  6. Control on the Go

    Control on the Go

    Apps have completely redefined how we all live our day-to-day lives. From working out, to grocery shopping, to tracking our finances, there seems to be an app for everything these days. Don’t exclude controlling your home’s temperature from this list. Mitsubishi Electric's kumo cloud™ app helps homeowners control their system from anywhere, at any time. The app is available for any iOS, Android or Fire OS smartphone or tablet. So whether you accidentally left your air conditioning on, or you want to warm up your room before coming home, apps like kumo cloud can help customize comfort without racking up the bill.


  7. Design-Friendly Units

    Design-Friendly Units

    Let's face it, home appliances play a central, visible role in our homes, so why shouldn't they look as good as they perform? Zoned systems from Mitsubishi Electric place heavy emphasis on providing homeowners with flexible and design-friendly indoor units. Take the brand-new Designer Series, for example. These modern, slim units come in three flattering colors (black, silver and pearl white) making incorporating them within the style of any space, effortless. Fusing functionality with fashion, Zoned Comfort Solutions prove that cooling and heating isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing!


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