7 Creative DIY Ways to Reuse a 5-Gallon Bucket

What do you do with an extra 5 gallon bucket? Once its contents are gone, its usefulness is only beginning. That's because there are so many practical ways to reuse a bucket. Whether you use it to help you complete your next remodeling project, upcycle it into a safe toy for toddlers, or even create your own off-the-grid small appliance, your ingenuity will keep another heavy duty bucket out of the landfill and might just save you a few bucks to boot. Flip through to see our favorite uses for an extra 5 gallon bucket.

Buckets for Retiling

Mix Concrete in a Bucket

When it's time to retile the floors or redo the backsplash, there's no better mixing bowl than a bucket for messy cement, sealant, or caulk. Best of all, it's portable, so you can replace tiles in multiple areas with just one batch of mix.


A Place to Sit

Make a Concrete Bench in a Bucket

One man's bucket is another man's mold for crafting a custom stool. To make one yourself, grab some quick concrete mix, wooden dowels for the legs, and of course a bucket. Pour in about 3 inches of concrete, then place in the dowels. After it sets, simply pop the stool from the bucket.

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A Toddler Swing

Repurpose Bucket as Swing

It's not hard to turn an ordinary bucket into an affordable toddler swing. Begin by carving the bucket into a swing shape with a jigsaw. Next drill four holes, with two on the sides to hold the swing, and two near the back to prevent kids from tipping. Lastly, suspend your swing from with sturdy rope on an even sturdier tree, and get ready for hours of fun.


An Organizer for Supplies

Bucket Bag Organizer

Buckets make excellent organizers for workshop or office supplies. Make yours even more storage friendly by fitting a bucket bag with external storage pouches. You can easily sew one together with a few pieces of scrap fabric.


Washing Laundry

DIY Washing Machine in a Bucket

Got a washing machine on the fritz? No sweat. You can make a mini washing machine with little more than an ordinary bucket. Simply cut a hole in a lid, place a (clean) plunger through, then cap the lid and plunge away to agitate your garments.


Ice Lanterns

Make Ice Lanterns in a Bucket

The coolest outdoor lights can be made from ice this winter. First place a bucket of water outdoors just long enough for a layer of ice to form inside of the bucket. Next, bring the bucket back indoors and let the ice loosen a bit. Slip out your ice shell, place a candle in the middle, and you'll have a seasonal lantern.


Make a Side Table

DIY Table with a Bucket

Instead of discarding of extra buckets, you can use the bottom halves as bases for an unusual side table. The only other materials you'll need are a slab of wood for your tabletop, a few dowels for the legs, and some screws to keep everything fused.


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