7 Reasons a Shed Belongs in Every Yard

Whether it's small or large, the yard plays host to a number of important activities: It's where you connect with loved ones, escape the busy-ness of the “real” world, explore your passions, and simply appreciate nature. Now, if some open land and a little greenery holds that much power, imagine how much more a durable, dedicated outbuilding on the premises can bring to the table. No matter how you use your yard, a shed will increase the satisfaction you get from it by improving its beauty, utility, and convenience. Click through to learn how building a shed can enhance your yard and your life.

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  1. You’ll free up your house.

    You’ll free up your house.

    Who doesn’t want a secure, convenient place to stow bulky landscaping equipment, power tools, sports gear, and holiday decorations? If you have nowhere else to put it, this sizable collection can easily eat up half of a two-car garage. Storage-starved homeowners can finally declutter this high-traffic area, though, when they erect an appropriately sized shed. Determine your exact needs using this Size Selector tool from the LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® shed pros. Just indicate what you plan on keeping in your shed and how you intend to use it, and the program will suggest a minimum square footage and shed footprint (although it's a good idea to size up to allow room to grow).


  2. You’ll enjoy the outdoors more.

    You’ll enjoy the outdoors more.

    Imagine it’s the first splendid day of spring and you’re eager to spend it in the backyard. Then you realize that your lawn chairs, hammock, and patio furniture are down in the murky basement somewhere—and the thought of hauling it all out makes you plant yourself on the sofa instead. Now imagine that those outdoor musts are stored mere steps from where they belong, with no stairs to climb. Odds are good that you’d be out enjoying the sunshine in no time, thanks to the sheer convenience of a shed.


  3. You’ll extend the lifespan of essentials.

    You’ll extend the lifespan of essentials.

    Glance around the average backyard and you’re sure to see things lying about. Whatever the excuse, exposure to the elements will take a toll on your most useful items. Shovels, rakes, and other garden implements are sure to rust and wear out if constantly exposed to the weather. Damp firewood is bound to burn poorly, and that badminton net, croquet set, and other lawn games are guaranteed to become shoddy. A shed can provide proper protection—beyond simply the shelter of a roof. Designing with durable, LP® Outdoor Building Solutions engineered wood materials helps the completed shed withstand the elements and stave off mold, mildew, and termite damage, so you’ll know your stuff is safe.


  4. You’ll gain a home for your hobby.

    You’ll gain a home for your hobby.

    True, storage is usually the prime incentive for adding a shed, but you can dedicate the square footage in that outbuilding to just about any passion you care to pursue. Think art studio, woodworking shop, craft room, mini movie theater—the opportunities are endless. To ensure that your shed will be comfortable enough to hang out in, consider LP ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech®: This reflective material is engineered to help brighten the interior space and lower temperatures inside by preventing sun-warmed siding from radiating heat inward.


  5. You’ll get the kids out of your hair!

    You’ll get the kids out of your hair!

    "Go play outside!" is an order that's much more likely to be obeyed when you're sending the kids into a miniature dream house out back. Options for decoration are endless, from a shed that matches your home's exterior to one that looks more like a dollhouse with gingerbread trim. Involve your little ones’ imaginations in the design process, and there will be little arm-twisting required when you ask them to step back from the video games this summer.


  6. You’ll love the look!

    You’ll love the look!

    Remember falling in love with your house at first sight, before you even set foot inside? So why not complement its architectural beauty with a mini-me shed! Choose from a gambrel, gable, or hip roof, and single or double doors and windows, then select trim, paint, and other personal touches that reflect your style. Shed walls made with LP® SmartSide® siding and trim products offer all the appeal of traditional wood with outstanding resilience, so the look you love will be the look that lasts.


  7. You'll reap the benefits for years (and so will the next owners).

    You'll reap the benefits for years (and so will the next owners).

    Just as curb-appeal updates enhance your home from the front, a good-looking, hardworking shed is the kind of thoughtful detail that makes your property more attractive to prospective buyers who venture out back. Of course, moving may not be on the horizon now, so be sure that your shed is built to last for you and future tenants. LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products feature excellent warranties. You can read up on those details at LPCorp.com.

    Convinced and eager to get going on the best shed for your yard? Browse even more inspiration to find the style you’ll love in LP's shed galleries.


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