8 Reasons to Love Azaleas

From Southern roots, azaleas have grown into a countrywide favorite, prized for their beautiful blooms in so many colors.

  1. Blooming Azaleas

    Blooming Azaleas

    Famous for fluorescent blooms in diverse, exciting shades, azaleas are poised to set gardens on fire in the coming weeks. Click through to see eight convincing reasons why you ought to consider this colorful springtime shrub for your own landscape—let the fireworks begin!


  2. Multi-Zone Appropriate

    Azalea Zones

    Classified in the genus Rhododendron, this signature of the South actually thrives above and below the Mason-Dixon line, in zones 5 through 9.


  3. Evergreen or Deciduous

    Evergreen or Deciduous

    There are thousands of azalea varieties. Evergreen varieties feature purple and red blooms, while deciduous varieties see pink, orange, or red.


  4. Partial or Full Sun

    Sun and Azaleas

    Evergreen azaleas prefer partial shade, plus they flower and finish sooner than deciduous azaleas, which last through the summer but require full sun.  


  5. Multi-Season Bloomers

    Multi-Season Azaleas

    Multi-season blooming specialties have hit the market via breeder Encore Azaleas.


  6. Easy to Grow

    Easy Azaleas

    Plant your azaleas in well-draining, slightly acidic soil. Depending on the variety, plant in full sun or semi-shade, being sure to pick a spot that is removed from any competing tree roots.


  7. Easy to Plant

    Root Ball of Azaleas

    Having determined the ideal amount of sun for your variety of azalea, dig wide first and then plant the root ball so that its top is level with the surface grade.


  8. Springtime

    Spring Azaleas

    Already have azaleas in your garden? Spring is the time for transplanting. But whether planting anew or moving a pre-existing shrub, remember to add a good layer of mulch and to water well through the summer.


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