9 DIY Wood Wall Treatments

Wood is found inside every home, from the framing to the floor. With the exception of floors, molding, and trim, however, most of it is covered by drywall, paint, or lacquer. Here are 9 DIY wood wall treatments that celebrate the natural warmth, beauty, and appeal of wood. Using everything from salvaged boards to crosscut sections of birch, these walls are designed to capture your gaze the moment you enter the room.

  1. Salvaged Wood Wall

    DIY Salvaged Wood Wall

    Using salvaged wood as a wall treatment adds depth and texture that walls often lack. Here, pieces of exterior siding, barn wood, wainscot, and a high school gym floor work in concert to form a wall full of character and dimension.


  2. Upcycled Pallets

    DIY Pallet Wall

    Upcycle shipping pallets to create a rustic wall that's not only stylish but also strong enough for home decorators to mount a flat-screen television with confidence. A thorough sanding and several coats of stain ensure a finished look that still retains its rural allure.

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  3. Plank Wall Entryway

    DIY Plywood Wall

    Hardwood plywood transformed this dull entryway into an inviting space with plenty of charm—and storage as well, thanks to a rail with hooks and a shelf. A miter saw, mouse sander, and nail gun handled most of the work.

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  4. Upright and Vertical

    Upright and Vertical

    Salvaged boards in varying widths and colors make up the dramatic accent wall in this attic space. The high-gloss white of the floors and ceiling helps focus attention on the subtle, weathered tones of the wall.

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  5. Wood Plank Bedroom

    DIY Pine Board Wall

    Simple 1x4 pine boards form an expansive wall in this master bedroom. The unevenly cut boards were heavily distressed—using everything from kitchen utensils to an axe—to create an industrial feeling for the room. Distress has never looked so relaxing!

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  6. Wood Block Wall

    DIY Wood Block Wall

    DIY projects often use the broad side of wood planks to create a wall, but few-to-none utilize cross sections to achieve an artful effect. Glue varying 1-inch, 1.5-inch, and 2-inch cuts of untreated posts to a plywood backing, and then attach the entire unit to a wall to bring pattern and texture to your room.


  7. Herringbone Wall

    DIY Patterned Wood Wall

    DIY projects featuring herringbone patterns can be daunting—ensuring true 45-degree cuts across a bevy of boards is no small feat. Worry less about geometric consistency by using tongue-and-groove paneling, stained in a variety of rustic hues.

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  8. White Washed

    DIY White Wood Wall

    To reinvigorate small spaces like this kitchen nook, line the walls with clean-looking white boards. Ensure even spacing by placing pennies (or other loose change) between boards as you go.

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  9. Birch Pole Wall

    DIY Wood Cross Section Wall

    Here, crosscuts of birch poles are glued to plywood and attached to a wall to create a graphic mosaic. Use longer lengths of pole as hooks for coats and bags.

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