9 Terrific Tools Every Neat Freak Needs

Many of us have the same mantra for our home: Keep every room as clean and clutter-free as possible. But sometimes everyday routines and outdated solutions can hold us back from the pristine possibilities of an orderly space. Whether you’re obsessive about maintaining a spick-and-span home, or you’re just looking for the best tools to help you get (and keep) your home in line, look no further than these 9 foolproof finds that every organizational enthusiast needs.

Everything in Its Place

Everything in Its Place

Most people think of drawer organizers as handy storage accessories in such spaces as the kitchen, bathroom, or home office. If you're a neat freak, however, chances are that you consider such trays essential for any shallow drawer. After all, you're wise enough to know that without an organizer it's only a matter of time before a drawer becomes an untidy stew of miscellany. Drawer organizers stave off the otherwise inevitable chaos, providing discrete, designated mini cubbies for everything you want to keep close at hand. Available at Wayfair; $14.99.

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Label Without Limits

Self-Laminating Labels

Hardworking spaces like laundry rooms, sheds, garages, and workshops need equally tough organizing solutions. Regular labels are great for your desk, but they can't stand up to water damage, sunlight, and everyday stains. Equipped with a permanent adhesive backing, these handy self-laminating labels can be easily wiped clean and will last a lifetime—so you can get back to conquering clutter! Available on Amazon; $7.99.

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Neat Nest

Nesting Dishes

Organized folks take pleasure in having a place for everything, especially when those "places" take up little to no space. Products that nest allow just that and can be found in almost all areas of home design, from side tables to cookware. This compact Joseph Joseph food prep set—complete with mixing bowls, colander, sieve, measuring cups, and a spoon—compresses nine essential kitchen tools into a tidy bundle that can fit in the corner of a shelf, conveniently concise and ready for action. Available on Amazon; $48.95.

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Sink Savior

Sink Organizer

Clear counters are often at the top of the organized kitchen checklist. But keeping your countertops uncluttered is easier to accomplish when all your little tools have a place to call home. Give your bottle brushes, scrapers, sponges, and dishcloths a single landing spot with this clever caddy. Not only will central washing station give you quick access during after-dinner cleanup, but it will also reduce visual clutter all day long. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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Stack Attack

Storage Bins

Every neat freak knows: When it comes to seasonal storage, there’s no better solution than stackable bins. Consider purchasing clear, weatherproof versions that protect your belongings from moisture, dust, and damage while keeping their contents easily identified. Available at The Container Store; starting at $10.

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Canned Goods

Trash and Recycling Bin

Storage-savvy homeowners know the benefits of double-duty products—and that it doesn't hurt if they're attractive as well. With features like a fingerprint-proof exterior, a built-in charcoal filter (so you never have to smell what's been tossed), and compartments that let you keep your trash and recyclables separate, this stainless steel unit gets high scores all across the organizational board. Available on Amazon; $199.99.

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Streamlined Work Space

Desk Organizer

Don’t overlook the desk organizer! Any home office or family drop zone can benefit from a multifunctional product that stores reminders, writing utensils, and all those other little extras that always seem to get away from us. If you’re constantly at the computer, try this all-in-one solution that can hold pens and pencils, display pictures and notes, and even provide USB outlets for your devices in a single streamlined unit. Available on Amazon; $40.

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Squared Away

Clothes Folding Board

Every neat freak knows that there's nothing more satisfying than waking up to perfectly organized drawers. The nifty 9"x12" FlipFOLD board is small enough to stash in a tiny laundry room, and easy enough for anyone to use. Just lay your shirt or pants across the three-piece board, and flip it inward three times for always-flawless folds. Available at The Container Store; $24.99. 

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A Cure for Cabinet Clutter

Lid Organizer

As much as you try to keep track of them, the whereabouts of your pot and pan lids often remain a mystery. Luckily, with the help of a lid organizer, this is one riddle that's easy to solve. Not only will you never need to hunt for cookware again, but your cabinets will be so neat and tidy that you'll have room for other kitchen essentials. Available on Amazon; $19.97.

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