9 Ways to Get on Board with Pegboard

Pegboard is a go-to choice for garage storage because its grid of predrilled holes holds a variety of hooks that neatly store tools and keep them close at hand. But in recent years, crafty homeowners have been bringing this versatile board indoors for all types of projects. Storage is still pegboard’s main selling point, but DIYers have also found other ways to celebrate its unique functionality. Some popular uses for pegboard include craft organizers, headboards, backsplashes, and flexible artwork displays. Click through our online gallery for more inspiring pegboard projects.

Smart Storage

Pegboard Art

This DIY project transforms a sheet of pegboard into a canvas for both art and storage. Small colored pencils fit neatly into the holes; paired with rubber bands, they create playful monograms and even small bookshelves.


Washed Up

Kitchen Backsplash

Stenciled pegboard serves as a cheerful backsplash above the washer and dryer in this renovated basement laundry room. The simple project provides more than just a splash of color. The pegboard's holes make it easy to mount shelves and artwork in this hardworking space.

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Art Gallery at Home

Home Art

A large piece of pegboard is front and center in this artist's studio makeover. Painted the same mint green color as the rest of the walls and set off by a white frame, the pegboard creates the backdrop for an attractive and flexible display of works in progress.


Paint Chip Craft Center

Craft Storage

Inspired by the ombre hues of a paint chip, these clever homeowners painted pegboards in three shades of green, braced them together with two strips of wood, and placed 1x2s over the seams. In the resulting organization station, crafting essentials are held up by improvised "pegs"—including golf tees!


Ahead of the Game

Pegboard Display

A headboard made of pegboard allows for impressive flexibility. Items can be easily mounted and moved around the board as needed. When hanging objects above the head of the bed, however, it is important to make sure they're securely attached. 


Jack of all Trades

DIY Headboard

An oversize piece of pegboard makes a striking canvas. In this project, painter's tape was used to create a vibrant Union Jack pattern. With baskets and lamps hung near the edges of the board, this headboard also functions as a vertical nightstand.


A Stitch in Time

How to Paint Pegboard

In its perforated design, pegboard is reminiscent of a large-scale needlepoint canvas. This creative project plays off of that idea with X's painted between the holes to simulate an oversize "cross-stitch" rose.


Make It Work

Color Blocking

Inspired by the workroom of a fashion reality television show, this pegboard craft center was sectioned off into squares, which were then painted in rainbow hues. The result is a runway-ready station for tackling creative projects.


Step Up to the Plate

Nursery Design

It doesn’t take much for pegboard to look posh. In this project, the functionality of the material shines in a simple rustic frame. Designed for a nursery, this decorative piece can evolve as the child grows.


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