Bathroom Envy: 15 Jaw-Dropping Rooms We Love

First and foremost, a bathroom should be functional—but homeowners don’t need to compromise on aesthetics for practicality. Get inspired by these 19 awe-inspiring bathrooms that give a stylish upgrade to the most well-used space in your home.

  1. A Fireside Soak

    Fireplace in bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Roswell, GA

    Nothing beats a nice soak in the tub after a long day—but imagine indulging in this relaxing ritual alongside a blazing fire! This dreamy bathroom epitomizes luxury with its soaring stone hearth, rustic wood paneling, and old-fashioned claw-foot tub.

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  2. All-White and Wonderful

    Big white tub

    Zillow Digs home in New Albany, OH

    A commodious bathtub takes center stage in this whitewashed master bathroom. Elegant marble accents, sleek sconces, and crystal-knobbed cabinetry elevate the design from understated to swanky.

  3. A Craftsman Retreat

    Craftsman style

    Zillow Digs home in Scottsdale, AZ

    Wooden beams and carved accents bring a hand-hewn sensibility to this Craftsman bathroom. A deep pedestal tub, the centerpiece of the regal space, contributes to the old-world ambience of the lavatory.

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  4. Straight from a Spanish Villa

    Southwestern bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Glendale, AZ

    Brightly colored tiling and weathered stone create a bathroom retreat that's reminiscent of sunny Spain. Earth tones and distressed wooden accents bring elements of southwestern decor into the mix. 

  5. Outdoor Access

    French door bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Bedford, NY

    In an unusual setup, this sleek bath affords direct access to the home’s lush surroundings. The organic shape of the tub and the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, highlight the room's connection to the great outdoors.

  6. A Bathroom with a View

    Bathroom with a view

    Zillow Digs home in Tiburon, CA

    To maintain privacy, bathrooms are often isolated places with minimal connection to the outside world. In this wide-open bathroom, however, generous windows make the most of dramatic water views—an arrangement that is made possible by the secluded surroundings.

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  7. A Bold Pattern

    Patterned bathroom floors

    In this bathroom, finishes and fixtures are kept simple to direct attention to the wow-worthy floor tile. Sticking to a black, white, and gray color scheme ensures that the bold pattern doesn’t overwhelm the small space.

  8. Streamlined and Serene

    Desert bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Evergreen, CO

    Geometric shapes and carefully placed windows give this room a serene harmony. The muted palette picks up on the neutral tones of the landscape just beyond the glass.

  9. Marble and Chrome

    Marble bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Chicago, IL

    Marble, chrome, and transitional fixtures give this room a timeless style that appeals to a wide variety of design tastes. A touch of lavender along the back wall breaks up the light color scheme and adds an unexpected pop of visual interest.

  10. Large and Luxurious

    Large bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Dallas, TX

    An inlaid rectangular design in the floor establishes long visual lines in this bathroom, making the already generous dimensions seem even more impressive. A crystal chandelier adds the perfect crowning touch to the sumptuous space.

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  11. Centered and Sybaritic

    Bathtub in center

    Zillow Digs home in Greenwich, CT

    A soaking tub, complete with silver fixtures and a vast stone surround, serves as a stunning focal point in this luxurious master bath. An expanse of warm tan tiles is juxtaposed against the cool tones of the bathtub and shower, which spans the back wall of this washroom.

  12. Elegance in Gray

    Elegant gray bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in McLean, VA

    The gray tones of this bathroom bring a restrained elegance to the vintage-style bathtub, ornate white tiles, and classic moldings. While elements of the room mimic traditional Victorian design, the overall look feels sophisticated and modern.

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  13. Angled Features

    Built in bathtub

    Zillow Digs home in Aldie, VA

    Sometimes a slight tweak in a conventional layout can add visual interest to a room. Here, placing the large tub at an unexpected angle makes the bathroom look larger and more contemporary.

  14. Midcentury Modern

    Midcentury modern bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Tampa, FL

    The strict geometry of a tile grid pattern lends orderly discipline to a space. In this sleek bathroom, floating cabinetry and contemporary light fixtures amplify the midcentury modern aesthetic, while a sinuously curved tub offers a pleasing note of contrast to the clean lines.

  15. Royal Quarters

    Regal bathroom

    Zillow Digs home in Draper, UT

    With boldly variegated stone surfaces and impressively carved moldings, this luxurious bathroom certainly has the royal touch. Large French doors, an elegant chandelier, and a fireplace heighten the regal design.

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