Get Your Garage Back in 7 Sanity-Restoring Steps

Professional organizer Donna Smallin, author of "The One-Minute Organizer: A to Z Storage Solutions", shares hard-earned advice for controlling garage clutter.

Visualize the Possibilities

Garage Makeover

"Imagine what the space will look like when it's cleaned out and how nice it will feel to drive into it each time you come home," Smallin suggests. "Hold this image in your head to inspire you."

Take Everything Out

Empty Garage

Carefully carry everything out of the garage and lay it down on the lawn or driveway. "Group things in categories," Smallin says. "All the garden tools together, for instance, or all the sporting goods."

Sweep Up


Broom clean the entire space, taking care to get all the leaves that may have blown in and any cobwebs that may have gathered in forgotten places.

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Decide What You Want To Keep

Garage Tools

Cleaning day is a great time to check the condition and usefulness of the items stored in your garage, Smallin points out. Put aside anything that's broken beyond repair or simply not needed anymore.

Find New Homes for Old Stuff

Yard Sale

People in your community may be interested in the things you no longer need. "Consider holding a yard sale on another day, or look into organizations that accept donations of sporting goods and household items."

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Assess Your Storage Needs

Garage Storage

An empty garage lets you see whether you have enough shelving, boxes, and cabinets to neatly store the items you're keeping. A quick trip to a local home improvement store can fill in any gaps. "It's good to get things up off the floor," Smallin says. "Be sure to take advantage of wall space."

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Create Stations for the Things You'll Keep

Garden Tool Storage

When you're returning things to the garage, keep items organized by category—tools, garden equipment, sporting goods and so on. "Things are much easier to find when they're grouped together," Smallin says.

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