Going Bold: 10 Kitchens That Pop with Color

Sure, white kitchens look clean and stylish, but they can lack personality. Here are ten beautiful reasons to be bold with color in your kitchen.

  1. Robust Red

    Red Kitchen

    Edgy and quaint at the same time, this red-and-white kitchen features gleaming red cabinetry and whitewashed floors. The wall of tiles creates a gingham effect and is so pleasing to the eye that other adornment on the walls is unnecessary. Pale blue paint on the chairs offers a softer counterpoint to the space's bold scarlet.


  2. Graphic Contrast

    Yellow Kitchen

    In this sunny kitchen, the sweetness of the cabinets' lemon-yellow doors is offset by a graphic black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the floor. The result is fun and energetic, making the small room feel more spacious.


  3. Pretty in Pink

    Pink Kitchen

    Although this kitchen's pretty-in-pink palette may not appeal to everyone, it illustrates the power of color to personalize a space. The soft gray of the stainless steel appliances, backsplash, and countertops adds to the room's 1950s feel.


  4. Bright Backsplash

    Green Kitchen

    A colorful backsplash is sometimes all you need to give your kitchen some vibrancy. This kitchen boasts a lime-green tile backsplash which echoes the green wall in the dining area. Pale cabinetry ensures that the bright backsplash remains the star. 


  5. A Profusion of Shades

    Blue Kitchen

    There's no need to zero in on only one paint swatch when planning a colorful kitchen. Look closely at this seaside kitchen and you'll spot nearly half a dozen shades of blue on woodwork, walls, floor, tiles, and seating.


  6. Retro Hues

    Turquoise Kitchen

    A palette of lime and pale turquoise enhances the retro feeling of this open kitchen. An extra dash of turquoise is seen above the sink in a collection of glass bottles. The room's color scheme is repeated on the banquette, which is upholstered in a deeper shade of blue and topped with green pillows.


  7. Sky's the Limit

    Painted Ceiling

    Clean-lined furniture and appliances act as a visual counterpoint to this kitchen's teal ceiling. By pairing sleek white cabinets with a painted ceiling—a reverse of the expected colorful walls and white ceiling—the homeowners create a playful space in which to cook and entertain.


  8. Country in Color

    Rustic Colors

    DIY ideas abound in this country kitchen. Drawers and cabinets are painted in red and yellow, and a simple curtain in coordinating hues hangs beneath the sink. On the open shelves, red provides a striking background for a collection of colorful pottery. Sunflowers add a pop of color to any setting.


  9. Primary Care

    Primary Colors Kitchen

    Don't shy away from primary colors. When properly used, they can give a kitchen a distinctly modern look. Here, a colorful mosaic, dotted with primary colors, nicely ties together the room's elements, including the red island base and the blue stool legs. The effect is intensified by the use of red accents throughout the kitchen.


  10. Variations on a Theme

    Colorful Kitchen

    A fun way to pick a palette for a colorful kitchen is to choose a theme and then use colors related to it—perhaps colors related to the beach or hues inspired by favorite flowers. Citrus fruits were the creative spark behind these cheerful shades of tangerine and citron. Granite countertops and light wood floors bring a sense of sophistication to the space.


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