Great Entrances: 10 Welcoming Garden Gates

A thoughtfully designed gate can make an already welcoming garden even more so, and give a much-needed decorative boost come winter. Whether integrated into a fence's design, overrun by wildflowers, or a standalone element, a gate is an extension of your home's (and garden’s) personality—but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement all its own. We found 10 examples of gates that serve as a barrier to the outside world while still saying "come on in." Even if your gardening prowess hasn't yet produced the landscape of your dreams, these fences will still make for a scenic and inviting welcome to your home.

  1. Door

    Repurposed Door

    An old door integrated into your gate design makes for a grand entrance—and after the hours you've spent putting your green thumb to work, your garden deserves a great first impression. Carefully remove the glass before installing; it's not needed here, and the openness will make your gate more inviting.

  2. Rustic

    Wood Gate

    If your gardening style leans towards wild and overgrown, you may want to consider a rustic fence. A custom-built wooden gate effectively achieves this look, or you can troll flea markets or junkyards to find an old, rusted gate to repurpose.

  3. Ornate

    Spider Web Gate

    The spiderweb gate seen here elevates this functional element to the status of artwork. A variety of decorative wrought-iron gates are on the market, and they're a great way to show a little personality in your garden.

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  4. Peekaboo

    Wood Door Gate

    For those who prefer a little more privacy, a solid wood door and stone wall can turn your garden into a private retreat. Don't hide those gardening skills away completely, though. A small window lets passersby get just a peek without compromising your solitude.

  5. Perfect Picket

    Perfect Picket

    Whether or not your garden is bordered by a picket fence, you can bring the classic appeal of this iconic design to any yard. Simply sink two posts and hang a picket-style garden gate. Nothing could be more welcoming.

  6. Screened Door

    Screened Door

    A salvaged screen door provides a fitting, friendly entrance for this beautiful country garden. Unlike its solid wood counterpart, a screened door offers visitors a sneak peak and can withstand winds without issue.  

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  7. Recycled Glass

    Glass Gate

    This gate uses a mix of materials to achieve a modern look that offers a lot of privacy. The combination of recycled glass and steel mesh creates an unusual textural appearance that encourages closer examination.

  8. Charming

    Purple Fence

    A seemingly simple design makes a big impact in this garden. The gate's copper accents catch the eye, and the fence’s sweeping design draws attention along the garden’s perimeter, showcasing the plants.

  9. Stones

    Stone Gate

    A classic moon gate pairs the fairy-tale quality of a stone wall with a romantic, dream-like view of the garden beyond. Stone is a timeless option for good reason—it stands up to the elements and develops even more character as it’s slowly taken over by greenery.

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  10. Woven

    Woven Gate

    The garden is the perfect place to get artistic—and this woven wattle fence does just that. It's no doubt a tedious and time-consuming undertaking, but the payoff is certainly worth the effort. The tightly woven branches provide plenty of privacy without overpowering the garden.

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