I'm Dreaming of a White... Kitchen: 10 Bright Beauties to Behold

Ten beautiful kitchens employ all-white palettes to create stunning yet serene spaces.

  1. Simple Serenity

    Simple serenity

    Mowlem and co.

    In this light-filled space, the snowy white cabinets and work island stand out against pale gray walls and lightly stained wood floors. A fun mix of details, including a crystal chandelier and ultramodern stools, adds a playful note to the room.

  2. White Appliances

    White appliances kitchen

    Donna Griffith

    Although stainless steel appliances are the standard in many American kitchens, a white refrigerator can blend seamlessly into an all-white plan. Lovely details in this room include the mullioned glass cabinets and diagonally laid wood floor.

  3. The Many Moods of White

    Many moods of white

    Digs Digs

    The range of white hues has grown over the years to include not only crisp gallery-white, but also ivory, ecru, and pale tints of blue and green. Here, a warm beige covers the walls. A limited palette can be an invitation to play with texture on floors, counters, and woodwork.

  4. Spots of Color

    Accent colors kitchen

    Matthew Millman Photography

    Accent colors really pop in all-white interiors. In this cheerful kitchen, hints of yellow pottery behind glass-front cabinet doors are picked up across the room in pillows on the banquette. A marble-topped work island underscores this kitchen's color scheme.

  5. Coordinated Collections

    Coordinated collections

    Apartment Therapy

    Set on open shelves against a lightly tinted shade of paint or subtly textured wallpaper, collections of white china or ceramics complement an all-white interior.

  6. A Burst of Color

    Color burst

    Traditional Home

    Energize an all-white space by adding colorful furniture or accessories, like the lime-green stools seen here. A favorite hue can also be incorporated through cookware, glassware, dish towels, or curtains.

  7. Modern Rustic

    Modern rustic kitchen


    Exposed beams and a warm tone underfoot provide an attractive framework for the gleaming white cabinetry in this spacious country kitchen. The same color scheme is carried throughout the first floor of the house, unifying the eating area in the foreground and sitting room toward the back.

  8. Seaside Cottage

    Seaside cottage

    Susan Serra Associates

    To reference the waterfront setting of this cottage, the kitchen features horizontal paneling reminiscent of a boat's planks, as well as a tiled backsplash in a pleasing sea-foam hue. A pair of colorful floral paintings set above the stove hood command attention in the neutral setting.

  9. Elegant Details

    Elegant details


    Set against an all-white backdrop, delicate or curvaceous details really get noticed. Here, a brass chandelier and matching wall sconces illuminate the room while the stove hood makes a bold statement of its own. To break up an expansive white ceiling, consider a grid pattern of woodwork.

  10. Enjoy the View

    Enjoy the view


    One of the benefits of an all-white interior is that it will not compete with the natural beauty outside the windows. These homeowners chose to maximize their view by installing see-through glass cabinets over a windowed wall.

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