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Patriotic Display: 10 DIY Decor Ideas for Independence Day

You can wave it, plant it, paint it, or illuminate it—just be sure to show off your patriotism this Fourth of July by decorating your home with some red, white, and blue.

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Flag-Waving Front Door

Festoon your door with a Fourth of July wreath. This one is made by arranging flag toothpicks on a Styrofoam form. Guests who come to your door won’t be able to help but feel the festivity!

Twinkle Light Lanterns

All you need to create this delightful lantern lighting is colored craft paper, scissors, a decorative hole punch, and string lights. Roll a sheet of paper into a cylinder, punch with stars, and attach a handle. Then thread string lights through the lantern handles and hang for some cheery evening ambiance. Hello, summer!

Blow-Out Bunting

Nobody at this house is on the fence about patriotism! Red, white, and blue bunting draped loosely on a picket fence is a stunning striped visual for your yard.

Glory Garden

Incorporate red, white, and blue flowering plants in your garden early on, and it will be full of explosive color by the Fourth of July. Accented with a corrugated tin painted flag and red-painted trellises, this garden evokes a fireworks display.

Patriotic Pallet

Make a big statement with nothing but a pallet and some paint. The structure of a shipping pallet’s boards just begs for stripes. It’s a flag your friends and neighbors can’t miss.

Star-Spangled Garland

Sandwich together star-shaped card stock and patterned origami paper for a sweet garland that looks simply elegant around a doorway or on a stair railing. 

Impassioned Porch

Make your porch a patriotic canvas this Fourth. White planters filled with red and blue flowers are nested under big, puffy tissue paper counterparts hung from the ceiling. Flags, watering cans, and stars round out the look, and a pennant banner pulls it all together.

Stars-and-Stripes-Studded Walk

What a walkway! Place red, white, and blue potted plants along your sidewalk and pepper them with flags. You’ve got an instant holiday entry that can be permanently planted in your landscape after the Fourth.

Festive Fence

A custom fence panel is a bold way to fly the flag. This one was created by Ehrenclou Architects, but there’s no reason you couldn’t design and install your own, for either permanent or temporary display.

Patriotism, Front and Center

If you have a ladder and the willpower, you can drape your whole house in the Stars and Stripes. Old Glory and red, white, and blue bunting stand out against this house’s white backdrop. Classic and uncomplicated, this arrangement makes a big holiday impact.

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