Secret Rooms: 10 Special Spaces Hidden from Sight in the Home

Whether it's a concealed room, hidden storage space, or cozy reading nook, having a secret place in our homes appeals to the kid in all of us. Here we reveal 10 furtive ways to cover your (design) tracks.

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A Private Den

DeForest Architects

A bookcase on hinges opens to reveal a den that’s ideal for quiet reading or TV time away from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the house.

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Stealthy Laundry Room


Not relegated to the cellar or mudroom, this laundry room is incorporated into the main living area of the house thanks to sliding bookcases that keep it out of sight when not in use.

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Hidden Home Office

Kropat Interior Design

A home office hidden behind folding closet doors is probably something you’ve seen before, but here’s a delightful, modern twist. The cheerful, orange workspace is tucked behind a large, pull-down tambour-style panel.

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Concealed Walk-In Closet


A graphic wallpaper pattern creates a whimsical faux library in a room and cleverly masks the door to a walk-in closet. Now that’s brilliant!

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Paneled Powder Room

Alchemy Design Studio

Horizontal paneling makes the door to an under-stair powder room nearly impossible to detect, camouflaging this discreet and smart use of space.

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Secret Sauna


This decidedly feminine bath hides a luxurious secret—a sauna tucked behind a door that’s been wallpapered and trimmed to blend in with its surroundings.

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Discreet Minibar

Sutro Architects

A beverage fridge and small sink help to transform this closet into a functional minibar. Recessed lighting, a mirrored wall, and glass shelves add to the polished look of the cozy space.

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VIP (Play) Room

Von Fitz Design

Children will applaud and delight in this creative use of under-stair space. Apple green walls and soft furnishings to relax on enhance the kid-pleasing quotient.

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Bath Behind the Books


Why break up a beautifully painted hallway with an ordinary bathroom door? This coordinating bookcase on hinges does the job much more stylishly.

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Cozy Nook


If you have an alcove in your home that’s just perfect for a cozy enclosure, but you’d like to avoid the cost and permanency of a built-in design, install a curtain rod, decorative drapes, and daybed to create a comfy, private nest for reading and dreaming.

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