Shop Your Own Home: 10 Brilliant Ways to Redecorate for $0

There’s no better way to budget than spending zero dollars! These tips and tricks will help you give your home an instant face-lift using things you already have on hand.

It’s Time to Get Creative

redecorate home zero dollars

The state of the world has led to a lot of concerns about both health and wealth—two things that most of us have spent a good part of this past year trying to preserve. In the process, we’ve been spending more time than ever at home. On the plus side, this has probably given you the chance to knock a few things off your to-do list, like greasing up that squeaky door or updating that tired old hardware on the kitchen cabinets. But with those smaller tasks done, you may now be looking at the bigger picture and thinking that your home decor could use an overall refresh. The potential cost, however, may have you feeling stressed out. Fear not! Giving your home that fresh-faced feeling may take little more than a few simple swaps and rearranging some of what you’ve already got.

Read on to learn about 10 brilliant ways to redecorate without spending a dime!

Rearrange the Furniture

rearrange furniture

The time-tested trick of rearranging the furniture you already have is sure to up the wow factor in any room. Guests and family alike will comment on the new look, and they may even compliment you on the “new” pieces you’ve introduced to the mix. Try moving your bed to the opposite wall, or repositioning your living room couch to another corner of the room. If you own a modular sofa, even better! Switching pieces around offers an abundance of ways to give your space a new look.

Divide an Open-Concept Space

move table redecorate

If your living room and dining room are one big space, this is the perfect opportunity to switch things up. Center your dining table at one end of the room, then move the couch so that its back is to the table, effectively creating two distinct spaces, one for lounging and one for eating!

Move Your Rugs

move rugs redecorate

Pull out that gorgeous area rug that’s mostly hidden by your bed and bring it into the living room. Swapping rugs from room to room is like giving each space a new outfit to wear. If you like your rugs exactly where they are, try rotating them 90 degrees.

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Rethink Wall Art

hang new wall art redecorate

If you have a bare wall begging to be decorated, take a look through your drawers and shelves to find unusual items that would look beautiful mounted on a wall. Small woven baskets and stylish hats are great places to start.

Repaint Furniture

paint furniture redecorate

Before you give up on that dated brown dresser, paint it! Simply sand it, clean it, and let it dry, then coat it with a brand-new hue that better captures the current you. Like most DIYers, you probably have some paint lying around that needs to be used up, anyway.

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Repurpose Furniture

repurpose furniture

Breathe new life into that small side table hidden in the corner of a room by moving it front and center into a sun-drenched spot and topping it with an appealing plant. This is a wonderful way to transform something old into a rustic treasure that will give your home new charm.

Display Your Dishware

display dishes redecorate

A lovely set of plates and bowls can easily serve as kitchen or dining room decor! If you’re feeling adventurous, take off the cabinet doors and proudly show off your meticulously organized pieces. If you’d prefer to keep the doors, just choose a few eclectic pieces, such as vintage cups and saucers or antique glassware, and display them on a shelf.

Dress Up Your Dining Table

dining room table redecorate

Transform your dining table—a focal point of the home, indeed—into a captivating tableau. Even when you’re not expecting company, pull out that table runner and taper candles and arrange them attractively on the table, accompanied by a vase filled with fresh flowers, eucalyptus, or dried bunny tail.

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Add a Splash of Color with Fruit

fruit bowls redecorate

Bring those empty bowls and vases taking up space in your cabinets out of hiding to liven up your space. Fill them with vibrant-colored fruit like lemons, oranges, and limes to add some bright and cheery energy to your home.

Update Your Headboard

change headboard redecorate

A new headboard makes a big statement in a small space, dramatically changing the look of a bedroom. But before you run out and buy something new, try transforming what you already have. For example, you can drape a panel of fabric over your current headboard for a quick and beautiful update.

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