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Studio Magic: One-Room Living Made Enviable in 10 Amazing Spaces

Studio apartments can be economical housing options for singletons and great part-time retreats for out-of-towners looking for a getaway in the city. The big drawback, though, is not having a room of one’s own, a place to work or study or sleep or meditate. In a studio apartment, you have to figure out how to do all of that—plus cook and entertain—in just one room. To maximize the efficiency of a studio apartment, it's vital to make a floor plan. A sketch that identifies specific areas for specific activities will help you know exactly what you need to make the studio work for you, and it will also help you avoid clutter. Is there a studio apartment in your future? If so, you'll want to take advantage of vertical space, invest in multipurpose furniture, get creative with storage solutions, and take a peek at this collection of well-planned, stylish studio apartments we’ve put together for inspiration.

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Lofty Aspirations

In addition to giving you more floor space, lofting your bed removes your sleeping space from direct eyesight when guests (or clients) arrive, keeping their focus on the public space. In this Brooklyn studio, the sleeping loft is tucked above the entrance.

Divide and Conquer

If you can’t separate private and public spaces vertically, look for ways to divide the space horizontally with architectural details. In this Paris studio apartment, the bed is separated from the living room by a partition that keeps it out of view from guests being entertained in the adjacent public area.

Double Duty

Choose furnishings that can serve more than one purpose to make your studio apartment more efficient. The red cabinetry used in this kitchen provides practical storage and also creates a partition that keeps the cooking mess and odors hidden from the sleeping, work, and entertaining areas. The bold color also helps to define the kitchen as its own space.

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Space Savers

Storage is always a problem in studio apartments, so get creative. In this New York studio, the sturdy stairs to the sleeping loft conceal drawers. Each step’s riser slides out to reveal commodious storage that the homeowners use to hold clothing. A walk-in closet for hanging storage is tucked underneath the loft.

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Zoom In

To streamline your decor, choose a focal point and allow everything else to support it rather than compete with it. The windows in this New York studio apartment frame a spectacular view that naturally takes center stage. The choice of a soft color palette indoors serves to enhance the eye candy outdoors.

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Pop Up

To keep your studio looking uncluttered, consider whitewashing the entire apartment and then using pops of color to give each space its own identity. In this Stockholm apartment, pink-and-white wallpaper hung on one wall of the sleeping area differentiates it from the adjacent kitchen and dining area.

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Crystal Clear

Glass is a great way to create separation without blocking the view. It can be used for partitions or, as the owners of this London studio apartment have done, for the risers and railings on stairs. Thanks to soaring ceilings, the apartment accommodates three levels in one room, all connected by an unobtrusive, transparent staircase.

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It’s a Mod, Mod World

Invest in modular furniture. Rather than keeping your bed out all day, tempting you to take a nap when you’re cooking or trying to focus on work, install a Murphy bed. This studio apartment in New York features a modular unit that includes a fold-out bed, nightstand, closet, home office, library, storage, and lighting.

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Look Up

If you can’t build up, there are other uses for the airspace above your head. Some studio apartment dwellers use it for storage, and others, like the owners of this loft in Buenos Aires, use it to create an art gallery. When they’re reclining in bed, the residents are in the perfect position to admire their collection.

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Magic Carpet

Use floor coverings to help define spaces. They can visually separate areas with different purposes without cluttering the room with partitions. While the orange carpet in this bi-level studio apartment complements the kitchen cabinetry and other bold accents in the studio, it also serves to set the dining area apart from the adjacent seating area and gives the space its own identity.

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