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Library Ladders: Reaching New Heights at Home

The library ladder is the perfect example of form meeting function. Not only is it an entirely practical piece, but it also adds a fun design element to any room in the house. With caster wheels on the bottom, and attached to a bar on top, a library ladder can be easily moved without having to worry about it toppling over. Library ladders are handy for providing access to hard-to-reach storage cabinets, saving the hassle of constantly having to look for a step stool. A well-placed library ladder calls to mind the whimsy of "Beauty and the Beast," where a large library provides a dreamy sanctuary. That same aesthetic attractively translates beyond the traditional library setting and into other spaces like kitchens, closets, hallways, and kids’ rooms. See for yourself as you admire our collection of lovely ladder-equipped interiors.

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Dash of Style

High cabinets in the kitchen are a hassle to reach. Installing a rolling ladder solves this common household problem while providing a unique design element that is sure to create buzz at your next potluck.

Cautious Climbers

If you store delicate or fragile items on a high shelf, a library ladder is a handy way to get those items down safely without first having to track down a step stool. Locking wheels on the bottom of the ladder add stability.

Quiet Intrigue

A library ladder will always be a conversation piece in a room, but it doesn’t have to speak loudly. If your home has a modern aesthetic, forgo a bulky wood ladder and choose something sleek and minimal. Rather than making a strong statement, the ladder will blend in subtly with your decor as it provides a useful amenity.

Aesthetic Difference

A library ladder can change the character of a whole room. In this kitchen, the dark cabinetry is offset by the light wood ladder, adding old-world charm, sophistication, and a bit of eccentricity to the space.

Muddy Buddy

Mudrooms are already messy enough without adding clutter to the mix. This mudroom employs a very simple built-in shelf system, complete with a rolling ladder for easy access to high shelves, that keeps everything tidily stowed away.

Lofty Goals

A tiny loft doesn’t have to be wasted space. This designer utilized half of the loft for covered storage and half for display, with a rolling ladder to maneuver between. Because the ladder rolls, it can be kept from blocking access to the kitchen or doorway below when not in use.

Up, Up, and Away

If you have an open living space with soaring ceilings, a library ladder can be a great way to draw the eyes upward to absorb the full height of the room while also maximizing access to hard-to-reach places—in this case, a lofted sleeping area for guests. The rungs of the ladder can also play off of other linear elements in the room, such as exposed ceiling beams.

Step Up the Style

If your closet is large enough to fit a ladder, chances are it is already pretty amazing. But installing a rolling library ladder will make it feel all the more luxurious and provide a great way to access those off-season clothes stored way up high.

In the Round

Library ladders on a straight track are the most common, but for those looking to break out of the box, installing a rolling ladder on a curved track makes a big statement. This rolling ladder allows easy access in a tall, oddly shaped pantry.

Tall Tales

If your little ones are big readers, adding a library ladder ensures they always have access to their favorite books. Because the ladder is secured to the bar, parents don’t have to worry about the ladder falling over. This sturdy model lets the kids climb up to reach books stored above a reading nook.

Hall Pass

The hallway is a great place to sneak in some extra storage. To provide easy access in tight spots, choose a ladder that hugs close to the wall so it doesn’t become a tripping hazard.

Little Boost Up

Grown-ups shouldn’t get all the fun. A short ladder mounted to a secure bar is a great way for children to reach a little higher up on a wall—but not too high—which is great for creating displays of their artwork.

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Secret Storage

This wallpapered bedroom has secret storage cabinets up high, accessible only by a ladder. Reaching up toward cabinet fronts that are covered in the same pattern as the walls, the unusually shaped white ladder really stands out as a design element.