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The 9 Easiest Plants You Can Buy on Amazon

Gardening is meant to be a relaxing activity that connects you with nature as you beautify your yard—yet crowded nurseries and finicky flowers can make the hobby feel anything but. To save you from frustration, we rounded up the easiest plants to care for that you can buy on Amazon. All are carefully packaged potted plants, so you can skip long store lines and cultivating seeds. The next time you're stocking up on goods from Amazon add these foolproof plants to your shopping cart.

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Pentas, also known as Egyptian stars because of their five-pointed petals, are slow to bloom when you start from seed, but you can buy starter plants that are already in flower by shopping on Amazon. Whether you choose to plant pentas in the ground or in containers, make sure to position them in strong sunlight. Pentas appreciate regular watering and the occasional deadheading, but don’t need much else. Get ready to enjoy the butterflies and hummingbirds that they’ll attract to your garden. Available from Amazon; $24.99 for four plants.

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Yesterday Today Tomorrow

No matter the day, the yesterday today tomorrow plant will look good from spring through early fall. The easy-going shrub needs regular waterings and well-draining soil, and not much else. It can grow up to six feet tall, but you can prune it annually to keep it short. Flowers bloom in a brilliant purple and gradually fade to lavender and then white, creating a spectacular ombré effect within a single plant. Available from Amazon; $12.50 for one plant.

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Rose of Sharon

For a colorful statement in the yard all summer long, consider planting rose of Sharon. This flowering shrub, which is actually a hibiscus and not a rose, can grow up to 12-feet tall and six-feet wide. Provide it with rich, well-drained soil and full sun and you can expect large, beautiful blooms. Available from Amazon; $29.09 for one plant.

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Even though it doesn’t bloom, the barberry bush still adds striking color to your landscaping. The fuss-free plant needs occasional pruning, and is content with full sun and any type of soil. This barberry starts the season with vibrant yellow-green leaves and turns red-orange as summer gives way to fall. Available from Amazon; $9.99 for one plant.

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Keep deer, rabbits, and other garden pests away with a natural and pretty repellent: catmint. The tall lavender-hued flower is easy to grow whether it gets full or partial sun and can tolerate heat and drought conditions. Available from Amazon; $28.95 for one plant.

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The stunning beautyberry shrub will add color to your yard well beyond summertime—and without much effort required from you. Beautyberry’s dark purple leaves in spring give way to white flowers in summer, and then its the purple berries that steal the show in fall and winter. Just when most yards lose their color color, yours will be bursting with it. Available from Amazon; $9.99 for one plant.

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Lamb's Ear

Gardening doesn’t get much easier than lamb’s ear. The perennial plant tolerates almost any soil type and it can grow in the sun or partial shade. On top of that the fuzzy, gray leaves bring texture and interest to your landscaping. Available from Amazon; $19.99 for one plant. 

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Vinca Minor

Don’t be fooled by its delicate flowers, the vinca is one tough plant. While it can tolerate sun or shade, it grows best and spreads vigorously in partial shade. Because of its rapid growth and short stature, vinca is a popular pick as a ground cover—just be sure to keep other plants out of its path. Available from Amazon; $8.99 for eight plants. 

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Looking for a plant that doesn’t require a whole lot of sun? You’ll love this leafy hosta, which looks best in partial shade. The landscaping favorite requires minimal maintenance and grows back year after year. In the late summer be on the look out for pretty purple flower spikes in addition to lush green leaves. Available from Amazon; $6.95 for one plant.

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